Trailer for CASA DE MI PADRE starring Will Ferrell

It was so nice for me to see the names of three actors I love in what promises to be a very funny film. Will Ferrell joins efforts with Gael Garcia Bernal (Love/Dogs) and Diego Luna (Milk), who have often worked together in films like “Y Tu Mama Tambien” (Your Mother Too) and “Rudo Y Cursi” (Rough and Corny), and proved they are extremely talented in both drama and comedy, no matter the continent they are working at.

Directed by Matt Piedmont (SNL), the film is about Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), and his younger brother Raul (Luna) trying to save their father’s ranch in Mexico, proving not to be an easy task when Armando falls for his brother’s new fiancee Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez) and they need to encounter Mexico’s most feared drug lord “The Mighty Onza” (Bernal).

This movie has the wacky irreverent type of comedy Ferrell is his best at. Just by the trailer, it promises to be one of next year’s best comedies, not only because all the amazing cast behind it and a good funny director, but also because Ferrell speaks only in Spanish during the entire film. That to me is enough of a reason to check it out.

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