The Dark Knight Rises prologue – Our review!

Today, Screen Invasion saw the highly anticipated prologue to Christopher Nolan’s finale of the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises.

Running at six minutes in length, the footage opens with a monologue from Jim Gordon at Harvey Dent’s funeral. Dressed in a black suit, he stands on a podium and he explains how he knew Harvey Dent and truly believed in what the man stood for.

We then cut to a wheat field and a jeep plowing through the terrain. In the back are hooded men. They, along with a Dr. Pavel, are met by CIA at a plane and taken into custody, believed to be working for “the masked man”.

Aboard the plane, the CIA interrogate the hooded men. They say they have only listed one of them in the flight plan and so everyone had better start talking if they want to live. At one point an agent hangs one of the men out of the plane and fires a shot past his ear. They want to know who paid them to ‘grab Dr. Pavel’ and, more importantly, they want to know about Bane.

One of the hooded men speaks up and is questioned by the CIA officer in charge of the situation and when his hood is pulled off he’s revealed to be… Bane.

The terrorist leader has a plan, it seems. And just as he starts to talk, another plane begins to approach the one carrying the men. It latches on and operatives from the second plane descend into it. Bane then explains his plan: “Crashing this plane… With no survivors.”

He and his henchmen take out everyone on the plane before blowing a hole in the back to escape up into their own transport. They grab the doctor and make their ascent, with one member of the crew staying with the wreckage to ensure there’s no suspicion.

In a shot that mirrors the plane escape in TDK, Bane escapes the scene held onto a wire as their plane takes off into the distance.

It’s an exciting opening sequence. It doesn’t hold a candle to the Joker’s bank heist at the start of The Dark Knight, but certainly provides an interesting platform for the rest of the story to unfold. It’s perhaps a little complex – the whole Dr. Pavel thing I’m certain will be explained more as the narrative develops – and Bane’s thick Darth Vader-esque accent is hard to grasp, but I’m certainly onboard for where TDKR will take us next!

You can see the prologue in selected IMAX theatres before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol this Christmas.

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