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Why ‘Arkham World’ Isn’t Just around The Corner

For those of you who suffered through this year’s VGAs you may have noticed a little “spoiler” during the animated Joker bit. If your one of those people who enjoy being hyped for games that are nothing but pipe dreams feel free to stop reading now. Now for those of you who are continuing onward let’s take a quite look at why this game isn’t coming anytime soon.

First and foremost Rocksteady is coming of a monumental success, the likes of which Asylum never saw. Yes, Batman: Arkham Asylum was successful and did see tons of praise. However, not to the extend that City saw this following year. Rocksteady managed to take a game that was a success on a small scale and expand it without sacrificing anything. Studios deserve a time to bask in the glory of a success and I’m sure we’ll see Rocksteady announce something soon, but don’t expect it to be Batman.

Next point, we don’t need another Batman game anytime soon. In case you haven’t heard of it yet please go and check out Gotham City Impostors. The game is essentially Valve’s Team Fortress 2 with a Batman mod. The game looks great and while its not officially a “batman” game, it still fills the role of games in Gotham. Series such as the Arkham one is best keep fresh and a developer cannot do that if they are pumping out a new game ever year or even every two years. Especially if consumers are expecting the game to be bigger and bigger each installment.

Finally, Arkham World is just a bad idea. I’m not sure if you read comics or not, but if you do you may recall a period in which Batman traveled the world and trained other Batmans (Batmen?). The point is the idea was awful and is now official scrapped. Arkham World is just to broad of an idea for one. The point of the Arkham games is to deliver fluid gameplay with no major or obviouse HUB world. If Rocksteady did do World they wouldn’t be able to deliver the same experience we all know and love.

So that’s my argument, feel free to toss it back in my face if I’m wrong (which I would gladly accept.)

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