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In this straight to DVD/Blu-ray movie, Andy Dick stars as an eccentric and wild division III college football coach. The movie is stacked with a great ensemble cast of comedy actors. Fairly newcomer, Marshall Cook, wrote, produced, directed, and played third string quarterback Mitch DePrima. The Pullham Universtiy Bluecocks are a small liberal arts school who happen to have a football program. The football program has fallen into despair from previous glory days and haven’t won a game in decades. When the current coach suddenly dies in a freak gatorade shower accident, University President Georgia Anne Whistler hires well known attempted murderer of a pee wee football team, Coach Rick Vice. Insert mayhem here.

DIVISION III: FOOTBALL’S FINEST was surprisingly funnier than you would think a straight to DVD/Blu-ray movie would be. Andy Dick is absolutely nuts in this movie. His character, Coach Vice, doesn’t hold back on the physical abuse on his team which makes for great laughs. After you watch the movie, you’ll have to question just how many clipboards and aviator sunglasses they went through during production. The rest of the cast is filled with Mad TV alumni Mo Collins, Will Sasso, Debra Wilson, and Bryan Callen plus add the comedic chops of Adam Carolla and you can have a good time on your hands. G4 alumni Alison Haislip also has a role as the love interest.

Being a straight to DVD/Blu-ray movie, you can’t expect perfection. The movie lacks a certain quality that would have made it able to have been released in theaters. The dialogue isn’t the best and seems like it was written around the jokes rather than around the story. But if you can suspend reality and lower your expectations, you can have a good time with this movie.




DIVISION III: FOOTBALL’S FINEST is available in stores and online now!

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