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The Big Bang Theory – Fun With Flags!

This weeks episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Beta Test Initiation”  brings Penny and Leonard back together, shows Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler embarking on a shared project and allows Raj to finally find love, albeit digital love.

Fun with Flags


Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler start the episode with Sheldon’s Youtube project, Fun with Flags, which he assures everyone is not fun.  Their joint quirky awkwardness reaches new heights on camera, with Amy Farrah Fowler’s “surrendering to fun line” and both Sheldon and Amy’s surreptitious laughs. Sheldon also shares this little tidbit of wisdom:  “Flags, you gotta to know how to hold ’em, you gotta know how to fold ’em”.  We leave the two of them and Ferdinand T. Flag to their video chronicles.

Leonard and Penny decide to put a Beta Test and bug fix into the mix with their dating experiment.  Leonard suggests they each keep a “bug” list and share it with one another.

Raj gets a new iPhone and he and Howard share yet another awkward homoerotic moment when they share the excitement of taking the plastic off the screen together.  This is followed by the fateful meeting of Siri and Raj.  Raj is excited to have a woman in his life that he can speak to without being drunk.

The next segment mentions my dream convention, a Sheldon Cooper WhoCon, at which Sheldon hosts a Doctor Who viewing party.  Bliss. Penny very quickly is booted from getting to take part in a future WhoCon and on her way out of the apartment, Leonard gives her a color-coded bug list with a key to follow and suggestions such as, fix right away.  Penny is nonplussed to say the least.  Amy Farrah Fowler shares another Penny crush moment, in which she lets Leonard know she can’t imagine what he could possibly find to put on his bug list for Penny because she is just too perfect.  Later in the episode, Penny gives Leonard a hard time about his bug list. Leonard tries to take his in stride.

Raj continues his courtship of Siri and things start getting creepy.  Not the least of which how happy he is she calls him sexy instead of Raj and that he starts calling her darling.  Sheldon is impressed at Raj’s ability to love a digital being as he believes it is the future we are all heading toward.  One of my favorite guest characters and very guilty pleasures, Barry Kripke arrives for some hilarious fun with Siri and his Speech Impediment.  I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire skit, I love that Siri calls him Bawwy.  I was in tears by the time he told Raj what his lady-friend took picture of the night before.  Howard and Burnadette join Raj and Siri for dinner.  Things get real weird real fast when Raj talks about how he and Siri prepared for the night and then picks out what she’ll “wear”.  Burnadette quickly decides she doesn’t want to be there and answers her own earlier question of “Is this cute or creepy?”.

Penny and Leonard go on an out of the ordinary date to the shooting range after Leonard finds out from Penny’s dad that she enjoyed going to the range when she was younger.  Leonard quickly ends the date when he shoots himself in the foot, grazing his toe.  He wins points for the date attempt and his sense of humor.  He finds Sheldon and Amy still working on Fun with Flags, which has gotten weirder and more elaborate than ever after Sheldon’s episode long obsession with the production.

The episode ends appropriately with Raj having a nightmare in which he finally meets Siri in real life but then finds he can’t speak to her.  So ends the relationship?  We’ll find out next week I suppose.

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