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The Big Bang Theory – Magic and Girlfriends and Babies, Oh My!

I have mentioned before how much I LOVE that Mayim Bialik is part of this fantastic cast.  The fact that she not only plays opposite Jim Parsons, but does so as Sheldon’s girlfriend, is my bliss.  I recently saw an episode of What Not to Wear from TLC  with Mayim as the target for a makeover.  I’m a little behind, say two years give or take, but I now know why she seems so comfortable in Amy Farrah Fowler’s shapeless, color deprived wardrobe.  It seems they may actually have pulled pieces from her “before” shots.  Mayim though is a lovely person, no matter what she is wearing, a talented actress and active mom to boot.  But enough of my Mayim Bialik crush, we’re here to talk about a show!

This episode, entitled “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”, begins as Howard shares with Raj, Sheldon and Leonard that he will be performing magic at his young cousin’s birthday party.  In protest to this Sheldon proclaims that getting children to believe in magic tricks is what starts them on a slippery slope to astrology, homeopathy and an argument that is close to my own heart, that Ryan Reynolds was a better choice to play the Green Lantern than Nathan Fillion.  That last bit truly is a travesty.

Sheldon follows this pearl of wisdom with a dinner our with Amy Farrah Fowler.  He seems underwhelmed by Amy’s accolades after she shares that she is made the cover of a magazine with her research.  Sheldon, being Sheldon, believes that his ability to gain 100+ Twittier followers is superior news and goes on to line out the reasons why the award is of no merit.  Penny interprets Amy’s very normal reaction of stomping off to the perplexed Sheldon and the two play out the scene with great comic effect.  Scenes like this have become such a staple of each episode that we take for granted all the nuance and comedy that flows through them and that is what makes the writing on this show second to none.

Howard enlists Burnadette’s help with his magic show at which she eludes to not being so good wih kids.  Howard quickly finds out that she may have understated a bit when, as his magician’s assistant, Burnadette goes off on one of he children that tries to out Howard’s trick.  Later in the car ride home, Burnadette relates to Howard how much she truly hates children and has no desire to have any of her own, which causes Howard to have to rethink his relationship with her.  The rare serious moment left me worried for the future Wolowitzes.

Meanwhile, Leonard suggests to Sheldon that in order to patch things up with Amy he needs to be emotionally available and willing to change, to which Sheldon of course says no.  Leonard then introduces Sheldon to the idea of avoiding all of this by buying a gift to apologize instead.  This suggestion seems perfect to Sheldon and he enlists Penny to help him pick out an appropriate apology.  The two head to the jewelry store where Sheldon picks up an item that has filled many a girls dreams, not to mention a pocket watch for himself that Penny finds ridiculous but Sheldon insists makes him look like a train conductor.

At the end of the episode, Burnadette finds a compromise to the kid situation that works for everyone.  She concedes to having children with Howard as long as he stays home with them and she can continue with her career, hang out with adults, and have a life.  Sheldon solves his relationship issue as well with his gift to Amy Farrah Fowler.  When Amy realizes Sheldon has gone to a jewelry store to buy her forgiveness she instantly berates him for being ridiculous, but as soon as she sees the impractical, but oh so Sheldon gift of a tiara, she is transformed into the adorable, crazed seven year-old girl version of a princess.

This episode dealt with children in a couple of different ways.  It addressed the dilemma faced by many people in this age group, whether to have kids or not in the middle of building a career and living in this fun, creative, hipster time that we do, as well as the compromises that come along with such a sacrifice (as joyous a sacrifice it may be).  It also reminded me of the kid in all of us whether a train conductor or princess, we should never lose sight of the joy we are all still capable of finding in the simplest things.  Life is Shiny!


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