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The Speaker Box Below Podcast – Episode 30

This week The Speaker Box Below kicks off the new year in style, we’ve got reunions, sneak peaks and an old feature returns with new blood. Music featured this week includes The Shins, Teen Daze and Wilder.



Kick Start
One Armed Scissor by At The Drive In

Heave by The Maccabees (from the album Given to the Wild)
The Palace by The Big Pink (from the album Future This)

She Knows by The Internet (from the album Purple Naked Ladies)
Unless You Speak From The Heart by Porcelain Raft (from the album Strange Weekend)

Hottest Record of the Week
Simple Song by The Shins

This Time Last Year
Skyfull of Rainbows by Wilder

Record Box Collection
The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep

Record Box Collection – Spotify Playlist

Fantastic Four
Lets Groove by Teen Daze
Shady Love by Scissor Sisters ft Krystal Pepsy
Ray Charles by Chiddy Bang
45 by Mellowhype

Beautiful Finale
About Today by The National

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