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TV Recap: ARCHER, “El Contador”

While I can appreciate what Burt Reynolds brought to last week’s Archer, I have to admit that I preferred “El Contador” because it focused on what makes this show so funny.

Since Gillette’s been paralyzed, ISIS has a shortage of field agents, so Malory decided to promote Cyril much to the shock of Lana and Sterling. His first mission was to accompany Archer and Lana on an assignment to go to Colombia and capture a drug lord named Ramon Calzado (he had a $1 million bounty on his head, and Malory wanted to get her hands on it.) At first, Lana and Archer were hesistant about having Cyril tag along since he was so inexperienced, but he proved his worth by infiltrating Calzado’s compound by posing as his boss’ accountant (or el contador). Of course, Sterling’s big mouth got them captured, and Calzado was planning on hunting Archer and Lana for sport, but Cyril once again saved the day with his quick thinking.

Back as ISIS, Malory decided to enforce a drug testing policy which worried Pam, Cheryl and Gillette since they’ve been partaking in recreational drug use. Dr. Krieger used their paranoia as an opportunity to sell them an experimental herbal tea that he claimed would help them pass the piss test. Little did they know that he was running experiments on them to see how they would react to his concoction which included hallucinations that led to hilarity like Pam picturing Gillette as a Decepticon and Cheryl thinking the floor was made of lava. While Cheryl and Gillette succumbed to the tea by passing out, Pam had a higher tolerance and ran loose around ISIS as Krieger chased her with a tranquilizer gun.

“El Contador” may not have been as flashy as “The Man from Jupiter,” but it shined a spotlight on the dynamics that I like the most about this show. For example, I think the relationship between Archer and Lana has the most potential for not just laughs but for story as well. Their history and chemistry make scenes between them more meaningful while also being wildly inappropriate and funny. Having Cyrial be a third wheel also introduces some great storytelling opportunities since he too has a past with Lana.

The B-plot about the drug testing was Archer at its insane best because it allowed the supporting characters the chance to say and do some of the craziest things, which only this show can get away with. While this story may not pay off any dividends in the future, it was responsible for most of the laugh-out-loud moments, so it was ultimately a win in my opinion.

Lines of the Night

  • Lana: “And Cyril is utterly and laughably unqualified to be in the field. Some offense.”
    Cyril: “Some taken.”
  • “And knock off that damn beat-boxing.”
  • “Thanks ghost of Teddy Roosevelt.”
  • “I call them ‘groovy bears.'”
  • “You’re looking for Predator, aren’t you?”
  • Gillette: “Oh God, it tastes worse than it smells.”
    Pam: “Man, if I had a nickel for every time I head a guy say that, I’d have eight nickels.”
  • “Oh my God, I’m gonna die in a toilet stall. Just like the gypsy said.”
  • “Must kill Decepticon!”

“El Contador” wasn’t a groundbreaking episode of Archer, but its back-to-basics approach ended up working in its favor. We got everything that we’ve come to expect from this show: crazy missions, vulgar jokes and Cyril pooping himself. At the end of the day, that’s all we can really ask for.

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