TV Recap: ARCHER, “The Man from Jupiter”

After a solid second season, and an even better 3-episode mini-arc, FX’s Archer is back for its third season. Honestly, I never understood the appeal of Archer. I’m not usually a fan of random and vulgar humor, so I never thought that Archer would be my kind of show … and then I watched it. Some of the things that this show gets away with is beyond insane, and it’s good to have it back.

While trying to pick up some women in a bar, Sterling got the chance to meet one of his boyhood idols: Burt Reynolds. Unfortunately for Archer, the shine quickly came off the apple when he found out that Burt was going on a date with his mother, which of course did not go over well. Instead of handling the news like a mature adult, Sterling tricked Malory into thinking that Burt ditched her for a younger woman when in reality he kidnapped the Bandit in order to keep them apart. He’s Sterling Archer after all.

Sterling’s plans didn’t quite work out because apparently there was a Cuban hit squad out to kill him, but the assassins ended up chasing after Lana and the rest of the Isis agents instead of him. It was up to Burt Reynolds and Sterling to save the day, and they even had a bet. If Burt could catch up to the Cuban hit squad and stop them from killing Archer’s co-workers, then he would be free to date Malory. Since it’s Burt freaking Reynolds, of course he was able to get the job done.

“The Man from Jupiter” had some classic Archer moments and lines that I don’t feel comfortable repeating here, but they were crazy. Trust me. Now, I do have a confession to make. I was not all that impressed with Burt Reynolds. While I totally understood why the show would have him guest star, his presence did fit within the universe, I didn’t think his voice acting was all that strong and was a little distracting. Thankfully, the rest of the cast was able to pick up the slack. Oddly enough, all of the shenanigans involving the rest of Isis and the Cuban hit squad got the most laughs out of my due to all of the action movie tropes they threw as us. Sure, some of the moments were cliched, but that was the entire point.

Lines of the Night:

  • “You gonna take her upstairs and give her The Longest Yard?”
  • “Yeah, I’m sitting here with just a mustache and memories of last night.”
  • “Yeah, right in the head and ass!”
  • Burt Reynolds: “You should get a Batpole.”
    Archer: “$9,000 bucks.”
  • “I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over my giant, throbbing erection.”
  • “Wait, was that the same footage?”
  • “Nobody wants your mustache rides around here buster!”

Burt Reynolds added some extra umph to “The Man from Jupiter,” but I couldn’t help but feel a little let down because of the high expectations that I had. Everything around Burt worked though, so “Jupiter” was not a total bust, and it did get me pumped for Season 3. So, all-in-all it was a pretty successful episode.

What did everyone else think? Did Jack Horner do it for you or was his appearance a misfire?

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