How I Met Your Mother: Why I’m 95% Sure Robin Is Barney’s Bride to Be

Hey readers. I know that you guys are used to seeing me on Monday nights after How I Met Yout Mother where we watch another chapter in the journey of some of our good old friends.  But now I’m checking in to see what you guys are up to this weekend? Any plans? Let me know. But seriously, I would like to give you guys some food for thought on a big discovery I made this week.

If you read my recap on last week’s episode, “No Pressure”, then you know how happy I am about the solid progression in the story. I focused first on Ted’s confession that the next woman he says “I love you” to is the mother, but there was also some solid progression with the future of Barney and Robin.

Ted seemed convinced that Robin is still in love with Barney, but Barney shot that idea down, coming clean on their affair and Robin breaking his heart after. By the end, Robin moves out of Ted’ s apartment, and as I wrote on Monday, things look to be on track for Robin and Barney to get back together.

Later in the week, as I do on most days, I passed some time watching reruns on TV. “False Position” from Season 6 came up, and I stumbled upon the part of the episode where Ted agrees to be Robin’s best man when she gets married. That got me to thinking about the Season 6 premiere.


At the very end of the episode, we flash to a wedding, where Ted and Marshall are having beer outside. Marshall asks Ted why he’s nervous, and as he answers, Lily pops out of the church, and said “Best man. You are being summoned.” Notice how she said “Best man” not Ted.

Now this part happens in the premiere, and we wait the entire season to come back to it at the finale. When we do, we see that the cliffhanger bombshell is the reveal that Barney is the groom.  However, the next bombshell happens in the Season 7 premiere, when the bride to be also asks for Ted’s help.  It would make sense right. I mean, Ted is just being a good “best man” isn’t he?

Not to mention that if there were any bride in the world who would need Ted’s help, that would be Robin. In the middle of season 5, when Robin and Barney broke up, I thought that was the end of them. After thinking about these episodes,  I can now say that it would shock me if Robin wasn’t the bride to be.

One more note. Early in Season 7, we had a cameo from Victoria, the cupcake girl from Season 1. This was big for me, as I had kept with my belief that she was the mother all along, and I was ready to shove it in everyone’s face when she came back. Well she did, but alas, it was a short lived appearence. She did leave with one interesting thought, saying her and Ted couldn’t work out because of Robin.

You and Barney and Robin— where the three of you hang out at the bar, night in, night out, like you’re all just buddies, that doesn’t work. Trust me. I’m right about this.

And sure enough, she was right. It didn’t work. We just didn’t realize it yet.

It would make for an interesting finale if Barney and Robin are getting married, and Ted walks out of the ceremony, unable to watch the woman he loves marry his best friend, leading to a rift between the three.

What do you guys think? Do you think Robin and Barney end up together? Is there still a chance that Ted and Robin get back together? Let us know in the comments.


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