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TV Recap: ARCHER, “Drift Problem”

In “Drift Problem,” Archer took a break from spy hijinks and delved a little deeper into the relationship between Sterling and Malory.  While  the episode was worth a few laughs, it wasn’t as strong as the rest of Season 3.

It’s Sterling’s birthday, and after a botched surprised breakfast from Woodhouse, he went into work expecting everyone to make a fuss over him, and at first nobody acknowledged his big day but it all turned out to be a ruse. During a fake fire drill, Malory surprised Archer with a tricked-out, spy edition Dodge Challenger, but she insisted that he take care of it and not let it get stolen which of course happened as soon as he got it home.

Since Sterling did not want to disappoint his mother (like he did when his bike was stolen), he had to figure out who could have taken his car, and he needed Lana’s help to get it back. While asking her for the favor, in the ladies bathroom of all places, Pam let them know that the Yakuza are usually responsible for the theft of fancy cars like Archer’s. When they asked how she knew this, she revealed that she’s a drift racer. Sterling decided that they would pose as Pam’s pit crew during her next race so he could find his stolen Challenger.

Once at the race, Archer found out that the Yakuza only steal drift cars, and they were not the ones who took the Dodge. Back at ISIS, Malory was trying to figure out where Archer was since they were supposed to meet for his birthday dinner, and Cheryl let it slip that he was infiltrating the Japanese mob. Since she was the one who took the car as a way to teach Archer a lesson, she raced to save her son from the gangsters.

To be honest, “Drift Problem” had some good lines here and there, but it wasn’t clicking on all cylinders. I don’t know if it was the fact that the story really had nothing to do with the spy world, but I didn’t find myself laughing as much as I’m used to. That being said, Archer’s excitement over the car was pretty great, and I enjoyed how he got in an argument with the woman from the canned welcome video. Even Pam’s secret life as a drift car racer was worth a few chuckles, but it wasn’t enough to completely win me over.

Lines of the Night

  • “Thanks, Dodge!”
  • “Corinth is famous for its leather!”
  • “Oh God, he’s got an erection.”
  • “Jeez! Ow! You got another one in ya?”
  • “That was for Pearl Harbor.”

Not every show can bat a thousand, and I wouldn’t even say that “Drift Problem” was a total disappointment because it wasn’t. It just wasn’t on par with some of Archer‘s better offerings.

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