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TV Recap: THE VOICE season 2 episode 3 the blind auditions

Season two of The Voice has started off with a bang! Tonight was the airing of the third set of blind auditions with many great voices being heard. Each of the four judges (Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton) got some really good additions to each of their teams.

First up, 27-year-old Sarah Golden from Houston, Texas. 

This was an interesting audition from the way the show previewed this particular contestant. They wouldn’t show us the person’s face or let us know a gender right away. We could hear the person which could sort of give it away but not entirely. Once the first judge turned around (Cee Lo) we got to see what the first contestant looked like. It was a female but not the “average” female some might say. Miss Golden reports that she has had opportunities with a few record labels before but they didn’t like her look so she was never signed. Sarah sang a rendition of “You and I” by Lady Gaga which actually turned out to be a pretty cool version. Blake Shelton was the only other judge to hit his button to choose Sarah. Blake commented that she “sounded honest, unique; real refreshing.” But that wasn’t enough for Sarah as she chose to be apart of Cee Lo Green’s team. A funny comment I liked from Blake Shelton was, “Cee Lo wants you as an experiennt!” I love how the judges mess with each other and the contestants to try and sway their decisions.

Elley Duhe  age 19  from Vancleave, MS

This young singer grew up with music and loved it so much that she dropped out of high school her senior year to continue her pursuit. She has been doing a lot of open mic nights trying to garner some singing reputation. In the audition she sings “Mercy.” No judge hears anything worth pressing their button for so Elley is sent home right away. Adam does say after hearing the last note of the song, he regrets no hitting his button.

Pip  age 19  from Marietta, Georgia

Pip is another young singer who has grown up on the stage singing musicals for school plays. He chooses to sing “House of the Rising Sun” as his audition piece. Adam hits his button first followed by Blake, Christina, and then Cee Lo last. The judges bicker back-and-forth about who is the right team for young Pip but in the end, he chooses team Adam because he was the first chair to turn around. I liked this kid and for a bit of trivia, Pip and I were actually born in the same great city of Marietta, Georgia which is just outside of Atlanta.

Erin Eillett  age 22  from Gathersburg, Maryland

This singer has a great relationship with her parents which has grown even deeper now that her father is dying from stage four pancreatic cancer. She chooses to sing “I Want You Back” for her audition piece. Blake is the first to hit his button and ends up being the only judge to turn around. Christina says she was “into it, and liked the powerful voice.” Adam added that she “clearly is an amazing singer.” Erin is now on team Blake.

David Grace  age 28  from Santa Fe, Texas

This football player turned football coach gave up his sports dream for another. He decided one day to drop the sports and pick a guitar to follow in his father’s footsteps with music. He has now been singing full time for three years. David sings “Sweet Home Alabama” for his audition song. Unfortunately for David, none of the judges hit their button. Blake says, “I damn near hit my button,” while Adam says David’s performance. “had bendy moments.”

Katrina Parker  age 34  from Hollywood, California

In the near past, Katrina became very sick and could not sing for a total of two years and just recently has found her singing voice again. She chooses to sing “One of Us” in her audition. Adam hits his button fairly early and ends up being the only judge to turn around for Katrina. Adam’s first response is, “I win.”

Geoff McBride  age 51  from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

A lot of people think Geoff wears his sunglasses at night as a fashion statement, but in all reality, he has to wear them due to a serious injury he sustained during a kick boxing match when he was much younger. He does look pretty damn cool with the sunglasses on, however. Geoff sinds “Higher Ground” in his audition for the judges. Christina is the first to hit her button followed by Cee Lo. Christina comments that she, “Loved it from the first note,” while Cee Lo added that it, “Sounded soulful and sincere.” In the end, Geoff decides to join team Christina.

Erin Martin  age 28  from Chicago, Illinois

This beautiful young lady started out as a model before her segway into music. She decides to put her own spin on the song, “Hey There Delilah.” Mr. Shelton is the first to turn around followed be Cee Lo. Cee Lo comments on Erin’s voice that it is, “strange, unique, bizarre, and that he loves it.” Blake had much praise by saying, “Your smile is contagious,” and “You’re what The Voice is; that special sound.” Erin decides to go with team Cee Lo.

James Massone  age 23  from Boston, MA

James works at his family owned body shop but desperately wants to make a better life for himself. He sings “Find Your Love” in his audition. Christina is the first to turn around followed by Blake then Cee Lo. Christina makes the interesting comment that he is “white and he has soul!” In the end, James chooses team Cee Lo.

Winter Rae  from Los Angeles, Calirfornia

This particular singer looks like the average female rocker with the blue hair and tattoos everywhere but she will surprise you with her style of singing. She picks “Take a Bow” as her audition song. She seems to be friends with Perez Hilton who is backstage showing his support but none of the judges hit their buttons. Christina makes the criticism that Winter “needed more range,” while Blake blurted out that “your hair is badass.”

Chris Cauley  age 27  from Atlanta, Georgia

Chris comes from a rich singing past with his Grandmother being a folk singer. He does a wonderful rendition of “Grenade” for his blind audition. Cee Lo turns around first followed by Adam. Cee Lo tells Christ that this was the “best entire performance of the whole song.” Christina tells Chris that he was “really smooth.” Christ decides to go with team Adam.

Nathan Parrott  age 24

Sings “The Joker” and heads on over to team Adam.

Brian Fuentes

Brian sings “Paris (Oh La La)” and joins Team Blake.

Moses Stone

Moses sings “Let’s get it started” and joins team Christina as the shows very first MC.

Jordis Unga  age 29  from Los Angeles, California

Jordis gets her musical talent from her father’s side of the family who is said to have been very musical. Her family is a huge reason she is a musician. She began her musical career as the lead for a punk rock band then segwayed into the pop genre and now has gone a bit solo. Jordis (coolest name so far on The Voice) does a fantastic version of “Baby I’m Amazed.” Blake is the first judge to turn around followed by Cee Lo then Christina. Adam immediately comments that “he is the A-hole who didn’t pick you.” Cee Lo tells Jordis, “I picked you. Simple.” Blake woos Jordis with, “You’re the type of singer I’ve been waiting for. You push me to want to be a better singer.” Blake wins Jordis over and she joins team Blake.

Overall, pretty decent episode of blind auditions. There was a ton a great talent with not too many turn downs from the judges. So far, this season is shaping up to go pretty darn well!

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