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TV Recap: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “The Broath”

Well that makes things interesting. Leading up to this episode of How I Met Your Mother, I was 1000% sure that Quinn was just a fad and that Robin was going to end up with Barney. After tonight’s episode, I’m not too sure.

The episode starts out with Ted in Barney’s apartment, taking a “broath”(bro oath) that he wouldn’t tell the group what Quinn does, but of course he tells them immediately. They end up going over for dinner, and find out that Quinn is leaving her apartment.  Ted and Robin are looking for housing for different reasons, so they begin to fight for it. Of course this makes us once again hate Robin, but they make up for it later on. We’ll get there soon.

The last straw is a first class trip to Hawaii that they discover in Quinn’s room. After this, they decide to have an intervention, or after Marshall arrives, a “quinntervention”.  This is of course a play on the interventions they had earlier in the series. Marshall makes everyone in the group say Quinn before any word that starts with in. It’s good for a few laughs.

Quinn comes in, discovers whats going on, and breaks up with Barney, who is understandably upset with this. The group goes over to apologize, and Barney once again makes them take a broth.  This time, he has the girls kiss, which was cool, and the guys kiss, which was…well at least it was funny.  After that, Quinn appears, and they tell them that it was all an elaborate ruse. After hearing this, they say that they are perfect for each other, and while I still don’t really like it, it’s hard to argue.

Just before this, Ted and Robin have a talk, where Robin says how upset she is that she lost Ted as a best friend, had to move in with her coworker Patrice, and then reveals that she thinks she’ll be fired at work for less then stellar work recently. Ok, now I can let her slide for a bit of her lameness as of late, but I still don’t like the trend.

Afterwards, they tell the group that they are actually moving in together, which is clearly a big step for them, making it more likely that Robin and Barney don’t end up together. As I said, I’m not happy about it, and I’m still not sure why Quinn would want to see Ted at the future wedding, but it certainly leaves things up in the air.

In the end, we find out that Robin is actually being promoted rather then fired, siting her fill in work at the New Year’s Eve party earlier in the season. Hopefully this will be a turn around in her character arc, and we can love her again, because she really used to be awesome, and has been, well, not awesome recently to say the least.

Afterwards, Ted tells Robin that he can go back to being normal friends, but clearly he can’t, as they have a long pause before an awkward goodbye. As she walks out, Bob Saget’s voice comes in, saying that he wouldn’t see Robin for a long time after that. I’m veryyyy curious to see what happens on that end. Does she leave the group for a while? Or does Ted seperate himself? What’s going to happen? I need to know!

On to the last part of  the episode, the end is hilarious. It shows Marshall playing Peter Pan in his school play, with pictures before and after his growth spurt. Safe to say, it’s amazing.

Intertwined with this ending is a flash to Barney and Quinn, talking about her job and how she loves how cool he is with it. He hints that he may be jealous, then asks her what would make her quit, hypothetically. She says, hypothetically, getting married. Interesting. Very interesting.

What do you guys make of this comment? Is Quinn the future Mrs. Stinson? I’m still not convinced, but it certainly seems to be pointing in that direction. However, HIMYM has always been known for pushing certain relationships, then dropping them like a hat. So we will see if this trend will continue.


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