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AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW: Return of the Superstars Season Premiere Recap

Hello readers! ABDC is back, and I’m stoked. This is one of my favorite shows on TV! I’ve been a fan ever since it started way back with the Jabbawockeez, and have watched every season sine then. To date, Quest crew is still my favorite, but I’m ready to love again! Will season 7 top all of them? They have a high bar set, but let’s see what they got for us.  One interesting note: the bottom crew of this week is NOT eliminated. They will battle the bottom crew from next week. I like this change. It gives the bottom team one more chance to fight for their spot.

Opening Number

Song: Britney Spears  “I Want To Go”

What a great way to open the show! Every crew got their time to shine, and for my money, Stepboyz was my favorite. They look like they might have the classic combo of humor and talent that paid off so well for crews like Quest and Poreotix.  Also, it was nice to see Fanny Pak back, though I’m not sure why they are back. They do have more members this time, so maybe that’s why. Either way, I’m excited for the rest of the episode!

Crew: 8 Flavahz  from Honolulu, HI

 Song: Britney Spears “Three”

Really? Another teen group? I thought we had our fill with Iconic boyz. The background on this crew is that they are 4 girls in Honolulu and 4 in Los Angeles. They met at a dance compeition and decided to make a crew. On to the number, and I must say, I was impressed. Already I can tell they are more talented then Iconic Boyz. There are a few great tricks, including an impressive backflip, and some good freezes. Overall, I like their performance. D-Trix was impressed, saying they are 6 months old. I loled. Lil Mama says that the other crews need to look out, because they are not just cute, but talented.  J.C says it started off slow, but overall, he liked it too. They could be a threat if they can keep up good dancing.


Crew: Mix’d Elements  from North Hollywood, CA

Song: Britney Spears “Till the World Ends”

This should be interesting. They have 7 members on their crew, each with their own style of dance, from b-boying to krumping, and even parkour! First impression I am pretty impressed. They did a great job incorporating Britney Spears throwing alot of feminine vibes in there. They had some good flips and floor work. Overall, I think these guys could be my early favorites. J.C liked it, but thought alot of the gags were predictable.  D-Trix understood the difficulty  of the B-boying, and likes the aspect of the different styles together. Lil Mama wants there to be better transitions.


Crew: Irratik   from Montreal, CA

Song: Britney Spears “Hold it Against Me” 

This crew is comprised of girls who work by day, but dance at night. One of them is giving up her future as a psycholigst. I can see alot of voguing in their dance style. Overall the number was fine, but lacked tricks and “ohhhhh” moments. They did have good lines with clean choreogprahy, and some racy moments. Lil Mama liked how they danced to the music. J.C liked it, saying he saw some Blueprint Crew in their performances, but he says that he wants them to grow in the next few performances. D-Trix is of course a fan of the all girl crew. He also loves their choreography, but tells them to come threw on the kiss, and “makes him sad in the pants.” Overall, they were solid, but not title contenders yet.

Crew: Stepboys  from Roseville, CA

Song:  Britney Spears “If You Seek Amy”

These guys are all about the jokes. All they want to do is make the audience laugh. That’s good, but they will need to incorporate good dance moves with it. Humor will only take them so far. I like these guys. They started it off with a huge backflip onto the stage, with one guy who was dressed like Britney Spears. There were alot of jokes, some of which were slightly uncomfortable. But these guys are also athletic. They could be threats. D-Trix was a member of this crew in high school. He says he won’t be biased, but I find it hard to believe. He did say the technique needed work. J.C says they can’t win the competition with gags, but said that they gave them something they have never seen before with the backflip opening. Lil Mama said it started off slow, but the slow mo parts were good.


Crew: Fanny Pak from The Valley, CA

Song: Britney Spears “Womanizer”

This crew is back after getting third place on Season 2, and they should have gotten better. At least runner up.  They have some new members, so it will be interesting to see how they are recieved. I think they will have a huge advantage based on the fan base they have already built. It was a good performance overall. They brought in some familiar gags from their first run, along with some new things, including one guy who almost shaved part of his head. Lil Mama appreciates their originality, and said their choreo was great. She liked their theater.  D-Trix says that he was a huge fan in Season 2, and says he’s now a bigger fan. He loves them, and hopes they get redemption. J.C loves the opening, saying that everything had reason and emotion. He loved the floorwork, and said he was very entertained.

After the first five performances, my guess on the bottom two is Stepboys and Irratik. My guess is the judges pick Stepboys to go to the bottom, for two reasons. One, they don’t usually like to kick the all girls crew off early, giving them a fair shake. And two, they probably think putting Stepboys in hte bottom will motivate them to step their game up.

The first two safe crews are: Fanny Pak and 8 Flavahz. No shock there. The next safe crew is: Irratik.   Yeah not a big fan of that decision. Mix’d Elements was better. The last safe crew is…Stepboys, meaning that Mix’d elements is in the bottom?! Hmm that’s alittle surprising to me. I liked them, and I hope they stay around. The face that they have seven different styles means they can be very diverse. Not a huge fan of that decision.

What did you guys think? Do you think Mix’d Elements deserves to be in the bottom? Let us know in the comments!


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