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DVD/Blu-Ray Round-up 4/24: CONTRABAND, DARK TIDE and more!

It’s that time again: another weekly DVD/Blu-Ray Roundup!  Here are the new releases for the week and my opinion on whether you should Skip It! Rent It! or Buy It!

Contraband is the big release for this week. The film takes us into the world of drugs and war with Mark Wahlberg leading the way.

And as usual please don’t hesitate to share what DVDs and Blu-Rays you’ve bought recently, or plan to buy this week, in the comments.  Let everyone know what you think should be bought or skipped!


Skip It!

  1. 11-11-11, (starring Michael Landes and Timothy Gibbs), DVD.
  2. Albatross, (starring Sebastian Koch, Julia Ormond, and Felicity Jones), DVD. Read our review here.
  3. Return, (starring Michael Shannon, Linda Cardellini, John Slattery), DVD.
  4. Dark Tide, (starring Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez), DVD and Blu-Ray. Catch the trailer here.
  5. The Fields, (starring Tara Reid and Cloris Leachman), DVD and Blu-Ray.
  6. Blind Turn, (starring Rachel Boston), DVD.







Rent It!

  1. Crime After Crime, (starring Dee Kelly Barrett), DVD.
  2. Pariah, (starring Aasha Davis and Kim Wayans), DVD and Blu-Ray.
  3. The Innkeepers, (starring Sara Paxton), DVD and Blu-Ray. Read our review here.
  4. The Wicker Tree, DVD and Blu-Ray. Enter the contest to win the Blu-Ray here.







Buy It!

  1. Contraband, (starring Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster, Diego Luna, Robert Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi and Lukas Haas), DVD and Blu-Ray. It’s Mark Wahlberg doing what he does best…..being awesome.
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