New Trailer for DETENTION Starring Josh Hutcherson

Mix: Scream, Breakfast Club, Sci-Fi and Peeta with dark hair. What you’d get? The trailer for the upcoming film Detention, which feels like a concoction of a lot of things you have seen before but never were blended into a single project.

This is Joseph Kahn’s (Torque) second film, even though he has a  prolific career in the music video industry, having worked with U2, Britney Spears and Garbage, and maybe that’s why this feature (which he both wrote and directed) feels so connected to the late 80’s-early 90’s, in what could be a very interesting take on mixed genre.

I’m a sucker for films from those years, and this project looks like a lot of fun if it sticks to this trailer’s premise. It doesn’t hurt either that Josh Hutcherson is involved with it, either. I really enjoyed his performance in The Hunger Games, and I’m sure his fandom is going follow him along his upcoming projects as well.

One thing caught my attention, it opens on April 13, 2012 in only ten selected theaters across the United States. Given the current status of Hutcherson’s career you would think it would have a bigger release. Fortunately it’s going play near my current location, so I’ll have a chance to cover it.

Detention looks like a blast from the past through an innovative eye with eclectic taste. Going back to the future has proved to be a good idea before anyway.


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