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Bloom by Beach House Album Review

Indie/Dream Pop duo Beach House (Victoria Legrand, Alex Scally) are one of those bands that I like quite a lot, but for some reason there music has never let me in past a certain point. There’s always been something that’s prevented me from moving out of the “friend zone” and forming stronger feelings for the group. I was hoping this, there latest record Bloom might be the album to help break down those barriers. Although it dosent quite have us in a steamy embrace just yet, it certainly has pulled down some of the barriers standing between us.

Although the cold, spectral aesthetic of Bloom still continues to see Beach House act like a pane of frosted glass, separating me from the true heart of the band. The ice is definitely beginning to melt, a contributing factor to this is abundance of beautiful melodies and lush sounds the record houses. All of which work incredibly well together and weave a series of deep and dreamy atmospheres that linger and unfurl with finesse. You only need to hear tracks like “New Year”, “Wishes” or closing track “Irene” to hear just how strong and effective their presence is. The way certain tracks stack up their layers and even skim down to a more minimal structure shows more correlation between the group, the music and the listener. It feels like more time and care has been taken with a lot of the material on Bloom and through this it feels like the group are opening themselves up a little bit more.

If your not exactly a fan of the group or you deem them to be somewhat one dimensional or “samey”, chances are this record wont change your opinions drastically. But if like me you were looking for a little bit more persona to go with the groups awe of mystery, then the little changes that occur and the mechanics which power Bloom might bring you closer  to Beach House than before.

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