Have you ever wanted to help make a movie? Well now is your chance to take part in helping fund a cool and geeky production from Kristen Nedopak. Skyrim: To Lydia with Love is a fan-made parody in need of your support!

What you’re helping to create:

“Skyrim: To Lydia with Love” is a fan-made parody about the companion we love to hate, and my ode to an incredible video game. As a geeky creator, I had a lot of fun making the first film, from writing the script to building my own costumes to shooting to post-production. I was very happy with the level of quality we put into it and the response Skyrim fans gave. Thank you!

320,000+ views later, fans have been asking for more!

Watch the first video below if you have not seen it yet:

I want to create two new parodies for you guys… AND I want all of you to be involved in their making. Every dollar you donate will help fund the production, and I’m offering some pretty cool perks in exchange for the love. Higher levels mean credits IN the film… hundreds of thousands of eyes will be on you as the kick ass supporter of the century! Something we will make you proud of.

So… what are these two new parodies about???

will tell you they will be action packed, comedic, and stunningly gorgeous! I will refrain from telling you the actual plots… it’ll be more fun to wait and see.

Oh, but Lydia will be in both parodies. I don’t go anywhere without her ass.

Where your money goes:

Here is what the production costs look like for the two parodies on a SAG New Media project:

  • Production + Creative Team = $1200
    Writing the script, storyboards, production management, planning, locations and scheduling. Plus the help of a Director and Art Director, along with Sword Masters who will choreograph an *original* fight sequence…yes, SWORDS!
  • Crew = 1,000
    Director of Photography, Script Supervisor, Sound, Boom Ops, Grips, etc. All hands on deck!
  • Cast = $700
    Lydia! Oh wait, who else is even in this? A new character you haven’t met, and a bunch of sword fighting extras who will let me kill them.
  • Equipment + Location + Insurance = $2000
    Camera, lenses, lights, audio & other miscellaneous equipment. We need to rent a 3-wall green screen studio to pull off the action sequence! Plus, we want these films to look AMAZING. Oh and we are going to be fighting with swords, so that insurance thing is kind of a must.
  • Costumes & Props = $500
    Costume rentals, materials to make costumes and props. Like all the food I’ll need to buy for this one really funny scene where…
  • Post Production = $2500
    Editing, sound design, music, game shots and special effects. This is where the fun happens… it just takes a really long time.
  • Craft Services = $200
    Food and water! It’ll be two very long shoot days, we have a ton of people helping, a buttload of action, and we don’t want anyone really dying on set.
  • Safety Net = $499
    Things always go wrong on set. You realize you forgot to rent a piece of equipment or need your camera dude another day.

What happens if we don’t meet our budget?

We’ll have to see just how much we make before making any rash decisions. If we make over half our budget, we can still rent the green screen studio and perhaps make at least one parody. Else, funding will be returned to our contributors.

So if you REALLY want those perks, do share this with everyone!

How else can you help?

Word of mouth is a powerful thing! Please share this link with your friends and other fans via:

  • Facebook, Twitter (be sure to tweet me @Nedopak), Google + and other social sites
  • Post on gaming sites
  • Write a blog post or article if you’re feeling sassy!

Join in support today at –

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