TV Recap: America’s Best Dance Crew: “Drake”

Seven crews remain in the race for the crown of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7, and the action is heating up. Tonight, the crews will be performing to hits by hip hop star Drake. I’m pretty excited for this. Drake has a lot of club hits so each crew should get a fair shake song wise (no Don’t Tell Me Madonna stuff). Two crews are safe right off the bat: they are Rated Next Generation and Mos Wanted Crew. Really RNG?! Reallllly?!?! Wel I’m at least excited that Mos will be back.

Crew: Rated Next Generation
Drake Song: HYFR
Background:Each crew will have to pick out a quote from each song, and they decide on “Time for me to revisit the past.” They are working on finding ways to rewind their movements, and it will be interesting to see how they pull it off.
Routine: Ok I’ll give credit where credit is due. That was actually pretty good. The crew has a new attitude this week, as this was a much harder hitting piece. There were brief moments of krumping in there, and the rewinding part was pretty sick. D-Trix says it was their best performance hands down so far and is a huge fan. J.C loved the feeling behind it but that the whole routine was on one level and always as a group. He wants them to spread out more and says they can do better. Lil Mama says it was gangsta and that they are slept on. It was solid, but I still think they are one of the weaker crews.

Crew: Mos Wanted Crew
Drake Song: The Motto
Background: This should be good. The lyric they are going for is “pass it like a relay”, so they are looking to do a relay race of sorts. The crew seems to have trouble mixing all their opinions in on it. Still expecting these guys to kill it.
Routine: And they did. Again this crew is straightforward. They give you amazing choreo, with some good tricks that compliment it well. These guys are at the tops for me. J.C says it was another excellent performance, saying they used the stage well. Lil Mama says that they represent street crews, taking all kinds of dances in their stuff. D-Trix says it was not their best performance, saying the relay could have been better. I agree that the relay was cool, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Either Stepboys or 8 Flavahz is in the bottom. It’s Stepboys. I can’t argue with this. The girls killed it, while Stepboys had a weird performance. They deserve to be in the bottom two.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Drake Song: Find Your Love
Background: They go with “nothing is going to tear us apart.” It makes sense since they are half in LA and half in Hawaii. One of the members,  Angel, gets sad news that her mother’s cancer is worse then expected. They will have to draw inspiration from that. Let’s see how this goes.
Routine: I have mixed feelings about this one. Angel is featured throughout the piece, and she does pretty well. There are good moments, but overall, there seems to be a lack of energy in the piece. And while the big move to match the lyric was cool (she climbed the backs of the crew and jumped into the arms of the final member), it took a long time to develop and looked choppy. Lil Mama is in tears and says it was more passionate then anything.  D-Trix says you look past foundation, technique, and just dance. He says it was very real. J.C says the routine had great moments, but wasn’t complete. He says they were professional in performing as well as they did, and was impressed.

Now we have the last three crews: Collision Crew, Elektrolytes, and Fanny Pak. The first crew safe is Collizion Crew, who avoids the bottom two for the seconds straight week. Elektrolytes is the other safe crew, meaning that juggernaut Fanny Pak will be in the battle. I don’t like Stepboys’s chances lol.

Crew: Collizion Crew
Drake Song: Over
Background: Collizion picks “I’m riding through the city with my high beams on.” They pick it in honor of the horrible car crash that they all survived. This should be interesting to see how they can create a car on stage.
Routine: I like these guys a lot. They are one of the few crews this season that give us a healthy combination of high flying tricks, with solid choreo, and humor. Their creation of cars was great, and they had a great flip section, though one of the two wasn’t able to land it perfectly. D-Trix says they made a statement for Atlanta, but says they need to work on transition. They continue to surprise Lil Mama, who highlights the high beams, and she wants to see them really go off. J.C. says that they were chilling in Drake’s pocket, and really liked them.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Drake Song: Headlines
Background: This will be the first time we will see them with their previously injured member Chris. This should be exciting. “Floating in and out of consciousnesses” is their lyric of choice for this performance.
Routine: This is my underrated crew. I think they can go a long way. Another crew that combines high flying moves with good dancing. J.C. said they were powerful and percise, and he loved it. The crab walk is profiled, which is deserved.  D-Trix says it was a really great performance, saying they murdered the challenge. Yeah, that floating bit was ridiculous. Lil Mama says that Chris is floating, and says they came hard.  It was electric and explosive. I think these guys can win it if America can get behind them.  They are really talented.

Now we have Stepboys going up against Fanny Pak. Talk about David vs. Goliath.  Find it hard to believe that the funny men of Stepboys have a great shot at beating the vets of Fanny Pak. But let’s see. Fanny Pak is up first.

Crew: Fanny Pak
Drake Song: Make Me Proud
Background: They choose “Running on a treadmill, only eating salad.” This means they are going to mimic a treadmill. This should be a fun challenge. I’m expecting them to kill this, but we’ll see how it goes.
Routine: I liked the performance. I’m alittle confused as to why they picked the theme of a date at a French restaurant, but it had funny moments. The treadmill part was good, but overall, this wasn’t their best performance. If Stepboys can wow the judges, they might have a chance after all. D-Trix gives shoutouts to two of the newer members, and highlights the treadmill section. He does tell them to not depend on the props. Lil Mama says they are masterminds, and that she loves their theater.

Crew: Stepboys
Drake Song: Best I Ever Had
Background: This is a slow song, so I’m curious to see how they make it gel with their style. They choose “Every single show show she  out there reppin like a mascot”, and try to dance in mascot uniforms, which proves to be harder then they were expecting.
Routine: Wowwww. That was my favorite performance of the night. They did something that I have ever seen before. They launched the member in the mascot uniform up in the air to do a sprawled out 360. Whoever that was also came back with some amazing b-boy moves, and as expected, they were hilarious at times. Wow, I really didn’t think they had a shot. Now, I’m not so sure. J.C. slow mos the helicopter, saying it was insane. He says that the choreo was rather ABC, but that the moments were great, and that they need to spread the love. Lil Mama was very impressed, saying they’ve improved. Saying it was really really clean. Nicki agrees with them, and D-Trix interrupts them, saying that they can’t do it. Lil Mama says don’t test her. Seriously mama, stop trying to be hard.

Based on the comments, I have to assume that J.C. and Lil Mama are going to keep Fanny Pak, while D-Trix will side with Stepboys. I can’t really argue that decision, but just for the sake of kicking out a crew that has had their chance, I’ll pull for Stepboys. The judges decide to keep…….Fanny Pak. Not a huge surprise there, but if they are basing it on today’s battle, Stepboys was the better crew. That helicopter….wow.

This leaves us with our Final 6. It’s going to be tough for some of the crews to knock off the tweens, but I really loved Elektrolytes and Collision Crew this week.  We’ll see who goes home next week!

Who was your favorite tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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