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America’s Best Dance Crew, “LMFAO” Episode Recap

This week on America’s Best Dance Crew, the crews are party-rocking to LMFAO tunes and getting some help from season 3 winners, Quest Crew. Each crew will have to seamlessly integrate one of LMFAO’s signature dance moves from the videos into the choreography. Let’s get in to the routines already!

Opening Group Number:

Song: “Live My Life” by LFMFAO featuring Far East Movement and Justin Bieber

Started with the young crews doing some tight choreography and then Mos Wanted and Electrolytes came in to add some trick moves. But 8 Flavahs also showed their athleticism with some b-boy moves on the stairs and a sick back flip in to a slide in center stage. Great opening number and LMFAO definitely churn out dance hits so this should be a strong week.

The first crews facing off are Mos Wanted Crew and Rated Next Generation. Mos Wanted Crew takes it to kick off the show.

Mos Wanted Crew

Song: “I’m Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO

Background: They have to include a runway segment with wiggle inspired runway modeling and strip down to their sexiest gear. They have to balance in humor with their style, which they definitely don’t do as much as the other crews at this point. They also get some crazy sexy pants to really fit LMFAO’s style.

Routine: They actually did a really good job of bringing the laughs and ridiculousness to it while also incorporating some sick moves and choreography. You could tell they were having fun with it, which can’t be said for some of their previous routines. D-Trix says it’s their most entertaining performance yet, highlighting their catwalk and pasty white thighs. Lil Mama calls out Ian saying he loves being the hearththrob and slow-mo’d his workout segment. JC thought the routine felt slow at times because they relied too much on humor and didn’t dance as hard as the track was. I agree this wasn’t their best routine, but I felt this was the most out of their comfort zone so I’ll give them props for that.

Now it’s time for 8 Flavahs vs. Elektrolytes. Will the kids end up in the bottom to make this the youngest elimination round? Yep! It’s kids vs. kids in this week’s elimination round.


Song: “Champagne Shower” by LMFAO featuring Italian Thrills

Background: They need to homage their mascot the Shufflebot by doing the robot, but they also need to form a giant robot as a crew.

Routine: Another awesome performance from this AZ crew! That move…you know what move I’m talking about…was amazing! Lil Mama highlighted the “human cork” moment which was fun and he got some serious air. JC thought it had all the elements to be the ABDC. They built the robot not just once like required by the challenge, but did it three times. They were the underdogs earlier this season, but they’ve been on a roll these past few weeks. D-Trix says they just became one of his favorite crews of all 7 seasons. He slow-mo’d my two favorite moments from their routine – that flip move and the head slide to enter the stage. Simply fantastic. They’re my favorite crew yet again this week and I’ll be very surprised if it’s not them versus Mos Wanted Crew for the championship.

The Bottom Two:


Song: “Sorry for Party Rocking” by LMFAO

Background: Recreate the 15 second breakdown they did with Quest Crew for the video. The video cuts back and forth so it’s hard to catch everything they’re doing, luckily Hok was there to run them through it. On top of the regular dance moves, there’s one trick in there that they’re going to have trouble with. They don’t normally do tricks, relying on their strong choreography, so it’ll be good to see them try.

Routine: They pulled off the trick! I was watching for it throughout the routine since that could easily have been where they misstep this week, but they pulled it off. They seriously have some of the tightest, most together choreography of the crews – but they can win the title off that alone? This week it was enough to get the audience chanting their name. JC liked that they told a story amid the chaos. He highlighted the tutting into the jump through, though he thought the tutting was actually pretty week. D-Trix loves their growth and Lil Mama says that they have their own style. It’s consistently referred to as “Not their best performance”, which means they’re vulnerable to getting the boot this week. If 8 Flavahs does put in their best performance, how could they send them home over RNG?

8 Flavahs

Song: “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

Background: They’ve got to do the T-Step, Spongebob, and an Impressive Blow-Up. I feel like most of these moves are older than they are. And this is further solidified by one girl saying that she didn’t know who Quest Crew was because she was very young when they were on ABDC, only 4 years ago…ohgod. Tiara, one of the tricksters, is out for the week with a back injury so they won’t be able to do as many impressive power moves.

Routine: They did the Quest crew push flip! Damn, these girls are cray. Lil Mama enjoyed that they had fun and dance like big girls on this show. They have such great energy and spirit and that was perfectly captured in LMFAO’s tune. D-Trix thought it was amazing that they did the push flip over 3 girls, Quest Crew could only ever get it over 2 when he created that move. Granted, 3 of these girls probably equal to about 2 of their guys, but still impressive. They did flares, back flips, freeze stands, and more. Seriously, I’ve never really bought in to the younger crews but this season has opened my eyes.

After that routine, it’s no surprise that they’re sticking around for next week’s episode. RNG had a great run and they were totally worthy of lasting this long, but I do think it was there time to go. Given the state of the competition, they just couldn’t bring that “wow” factor to their routines since they were limited in their trick movements.

8 Flavahs are great, but even after that strong showing I’m rooting for a Mos Wanted Crew vs. Elektrolytes finale. Are you?

Do you think the right crew went home?


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