TV Recap: America’s Best Dance Crew: “Pitbull”

We are down to the final 5 crews on Season 7 of America’s Best Dance Crew after losing Collizon Crew last week. Tonight, the crews will be dancing to the hits of rap star Pitbull, who was kind enough to be in studio to judge the crews for himself. Pitbull starts the show with an opening number, that features last season’s runner up Iconic Boyz(ugh).

Opening number: It’s interesting that this opening number, Pitbull was not a part of it, while the last time a music guest, Flo Rida, was in studio, he performed with the crews. And maybe that’s for the better, as the focus should in fact be on the crews. I liked that they had all the performers mixed in with each other rather then separating each crew, but it was really hard to follow it all. Not sure why they needed to bring Iconic Boyz back, but they were cute I guess. Overall, pretty solid number, but way too many people on one stage to keep track of.

Mario Lopez introduces Pitbull, who has a few words for the crews before it gets started. Mario then says that 3 crews will move onto next week, with the bottom 2 fighting it out to stay on the show. He says that two crews are for sure safe, and they are…Elektrolytes and 8 Flavahz. I’m very happy with this. Elektrolytes is my favorite crew left, and 8 Flavahz had definitely earned the right to keep advancing in the competition so far.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Pitbull Song: I Know you Want me
Background: Each crew is told that they will be giving a specific country to represent, and that they will have to do a dance style specific to that place. Elektrolytes draws Brazil, and the dance they need to do is capoeira, a mix between martial arts and dance. This is very similar to the style that AfroBorike, the runner up from Season 4. Only two members in the crew have martial arts training, so they could struggle with this.
Routine: And my boys kill it again. I thought they nailed the capoeira sections, and I really liked how they incorporated martial arts throughout the whole performance. There was also a part where one member was doing low 360’s on his knees which was really impressive. They ended it with another high flying backflip, a move they’ve been known for in recent weeks. J.C. says they are up on his radar, but didn’t like how much karate was in it. Lil Mama said the capoeira was very clean, and she liked how much they slowed it down. D-Trix agrees with JC, saying the challenge took a hold of them, and tells them to dig deep and prove to America that they deserve to win.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Pitbull Song: Hey Baby feat. T-Pain
Background: Angel is back after the passing of her mom.  Pitbull tells them that they have to do the can-can in honor of France. They are having trouble hip hop dancing in the can-can dresses.
Routine: Man these girls dance well beyond their years. They were pulling some acrobats that I had never seen before, and strength moves you would expect from adult male groups.  I’m not exactly sure what the story was they were going for, as at the end one of them was playfully hit by a dart gun, but overall I thought it was a solid performance. D-Trix said there’s nothing these girls can’t do, and is super impressed by their athleticism. Lil Mama said they were on point, and said their character work is amazing.  She said the tempo was alittle slow, but says they have a shot at winning it all. J.C. loves their diversity, and complemented their spacing, and tells them that it’s game on.

Mario gets ready to reveal the final safe crew this week, and it will either be Fanny Pak, Mos Wanted, and Rated Next Generation. The safe crew is…. Mos Wanted Crew. No surprise there.  Mos Wanted has been a fan favorite all year, and there’s no reason why they should be in danger. Meanwhile, Fanny Pak and RNG find themselves in the bottom for the second week in a row.

Crew: Mos Wanted Crew
Pitbull Song: Gimme Everything
Background: The boys of Mos Wanted are given the country of Mother Russia. They are assigned to do Barynya, a form of Russian street dance that looks very similar to the dance that Twitch and Josh did on SYTYCD Season 4. This will be interesting, as it’s a dance that’s very low to the ground. J.C. called them out last week for getting lost on stage, so they need to bring it this week.
Routine: The crew took the challenge very literally, coming out in all Russian army outfits. Unfortunately, there were a couple really noticeable mistakes in the performance. There was one bit where one member was supposed to catch a hat while doing a move but dropped it, and another part where a member couldn’t fully jump over another member on a stunt. It was pretty sloppy, and I think the judges will let them have it. Lil Mama said they came out really strong, and while the mistakes threw her off, she appreciated how they moved through it. J.C. said the execution took a hit, but applauded the opening. He tells them to keep performing. D-Trix said it could have been their best performance, and said that they were clearly affected by the mistakes. He said that they gave up towards the end.

Now it is down to two crews to fight it out: Fanny Pak and Rated Next Generation. Before the battle, I actually hope that RNG stays. I’m not huge on either of these crews, but Fanny Pak has been in the bottom 3 weeks in a row, and more then that, they already had a run on the show. I think their time it up. Let’s get to the battle.

Crew: Fanny Pak
Pitbull Song: International Love
Background: Pitbull tells Fanny Pak they will be representing India, and will be performing Bollywood. They are having trouble with the hand movements, and mixing Bollywood style with their own unique style. This should be interesting.
Routine: It was pretty good. They did a good job of picking up the Bollywood style, but this dance was different from the rest. In the previous numbers, the crews encorporated the dance in various parts, while still using basic choreo and tricks to compliment it. With this number, the entire thing was Bollywood, and I don’t know if they were supposed to do that. They may have miss the point of the challenge? J.C. says they showed everyone what they are made of, and he loved their story telling. D-Trix says they have the cleanest choreo of anyone in ABDC history, and tells America to take another look at them.

Crew: Rated Next Generation
Pitbull Song: Hotel Room Service
Background: Pitbull gives RNG their challenge, the country of China. The challenge is to make it look like their crew is exploding, like the dance of 1000 hands.  It will be interesting to see how they pull off this illusion.
Routine: I liked that performance They brought in solid choreography, while also using two versions of the dance of 1000 hands. They had a few other good moments, and overall, it was a pretty solid number. I don’t know if it’s enough to survive the battle. Lil Mama tells them to not be hurt by being in the bottom again, and tells them to keep pressing forward. D-Trix says that they have grown the most on this, which is usually the death sentence on their show. He alsos says that this is one of the hardest bottom 2’s the show has had.

Based on the judges comments, I think RNG is going home. I can’t really argue with that, but it definitely seems like the judges really want Fanny Pak to make a run at the title. I’d be pretty surprised if Fanny Pak isn’t around for one more week, but it will be tough for either them to beat any of the three remaining crew left. Mario announced that the safe crew is…..both?!?! So no one is eliminated this week. J.C. said that they thought these were the best two of the night, so they kept both of them. In all likelihood, this means that there will be two crews eliminated next week. Interesting twist! They end the show by revealing that Rihanna will be the guest star next week. I’m not sure what is more ridiculous. The fact that Lopez said that Rihanna was the “fiercest  R&B goddess in the world” or that he said that Battleship was the hottest movie of the summer. No wait….it’s the latter.


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