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America’s Best Dance Crew “Rihanna” Episode Recap

After last week’s shocking non-elimination, the same 5 crews are back on the stage, and are ready to duke it out once more. According to the promos, only one crew will be eliminated this week, which is interesting, considering that when other reality shows have previously pulled this move, like So You Think You Can Dance, there has always been a double elimination following a non-elimination week. This week, they are taking on R&B goddess Rihanna, in what is sure to be one of the hottest shows of the season.

Opening Number to “We Found Love”: That was pretty sweet. Unlike last week, this opening number had moments with each individual crew, with a few moments of mixing. My favorite parts were when one of the members of Elektrolytes flipped over a few dancers and then towards the end when a member of Mos Wanted Crew had his own solo. Of course Fanny Pak ended in the middle. The judges really want them to move on.

Mario tells us that the bottom two crews will be battling it out, and says that either Fanny Pak or Rated Next Generation is in the bottom. The unlucky crew is….Fanny Pak….again. Seriously, they need to go home. This is the 4th time in a row they have been in the bottom. America is clearly tired of them, as am I. Send them home.

Crew: Rated Next Generation
Rihanna Song: You Da One
Background: JC tells the crews that they will need to use props in their routines this week, in order to extenuate their own style, as Rihanna has done often in her career.   RNG needs to use hats in this routine, which should be interesting, since Mos Wanted messed up last week with a hat prop. RNG also says that balancing school and dance is tough, but they have to do it.
Routine: I liked the story of the piece, and overall, it was a very smooth, solid number. However, it didn’t have a wow factor. None of the hat tricks were terribly difficult, and while I know hat tricks can be hard, this is the top 5. You have to pull out all the stops now. D-Trix said that this was their best performance yet. I feel like he says that every week about them. Lil Mama says they are gangsta for real, and highlighted the opening, which I liked too. JC says the transition and partnering were nice, but that it started off slow.

Mario brings back the three reamaining crews. Two of them are safe, and one is in the bottom. My guess is Mos Wanted. They were awful last week, with two very big and noticeable flubs. They need a wakeup call. 8 Flavahz moves on – no shock there. The second safe crew is Mos Wanted Crew. Looks like their fans came through for them. There’s really no reason why Elektrolytes should go home this week. If they do I’m going to be pissed.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Rihanna Song: Birthday Cake
Background: The young crew has to create a fire on stage then extinguish it. They are using props that shoot 12 feet in the air, and they are worried their hair will catch fire.
Routine: Man, these girls are athletic. They are the first younger crew that I can remember holding their own dance and athletic wise.  I wouldn’t mind if these girls went all the way. The performance itself was solid. There was a great bit where one member did b-boy moves on the cake itself. I’m a little disappointed in the challenge. I thought they would have incorporated it more in the dance, rather the just lighting it at the end and having it go out automatically. JC said it was fun, but said they were too young to be grimy. He also says they are starting to be repetitive. D-Trix loved the routine, and made a joke about 4 being their half age. Lil Mama said they were on fire, and loved their performance.

Crew: Mos Wanted Crew
Rihanna Song: Cockiness
Background: These boys need to go hard tonight. Last week was a disaster, and they are lucky to not be in the bottom this week. I think they are the most talented crew left, so I expect a huge performance tonight. They need to use jackets to show confidence, but they choose to go with trench coats.
Routine: And the boys delivered. That was great. There was one bit where one did a one handed windmill, and another great bit where one guy was behind another, acting as his arms like “Whose Line is it Anway” style. Lil Mama says that was very cocky, and said it was gentlemanly but edgy. JC was so glad they got to perform, because it woke him up. He loved the musicality, and said it was great. D-Trix said they stole the show, and says “finally there is a crew that wants to win”. Not really sure what that means.

Now it’s down to Elektrolytes and Fanny Pak.  Should be a clear winner here, but Fanny Pak could steal the show. Elektrolytes is up first.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Rihanna Song: Where Have You Been?
Background: Ok I don’t know any of these songs. Aren’t they supposed to be doing the radio hits? Where’s “SOS” or “S&M” or “Umbrella”? They have to use a mic stand in their performance, which they are struggling with, since they are more of an upbeat group, so they bust out their playbook.
Routine: Easily the best performance of the night so far. Not even close. What I really liked about it was that they passed the mic to every member, and each one had their own highlight. There was some great big air moves, some amazing b-boy moves. The whole bit was awesome. If they go home tonight, I’m boycotting this show. Lil Mama says the performance was clever, and said their frame work was off the chain. JC said he liked the energy, but said that a couple people got lost in the beginning.

Crew: Fanny Pak
Rihanna Song: Talk That Talk
Background: For this performance, they have to act like a drill team, meaning they will need to be very precise. They have to hold rifles, so that will be interesting.
Routine: I will give them credit: the prop guns were probably the hardest prop to deal with. I don’t know if it was the slow song, but the whole performance just seemed slow to me. There was no wow factor at all, where as Elektrolytes performance was all wow.  D-Trix says he doesn’t get why they are in the bottom again, and compliments their dimensions. JC says that their performances has been art, and likes the message behind it.

Based on the comments, it sounds like they are making the obvious choice of moving Elektrolytes forward. Fanny Pak just hasn’t captured America this year. Maybe they are tired of them, maybe they don’t get them, maybe they think they’re too big to deserve their votes – who knows. Regardless, Fanny Pak won’t be winnning without America’s vote. After the break, Mario announces that the team that’s going home is…. Fanny Pak. No shock here. They earned it tonight, fair and square.   The judges look sad to send Fanny Pak home, but it was their time.

We have 4 crews left: 8 Flavahz, Rated Next Generation, Elektrolytes, and Mos Wanted Crew. It’s a toss up for me, but my favorite the whole year has been Elektrolytes, and tonight’s performance only strengthened that belief. Who do you guys like? Let us know in the comments!

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