Upcoming FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Movie Confirmed by Peter Berg and Connie Britton

Peter Berg, co-creator and executive producer of the beloved TV show Friday Night Lights, along with Emmy-nominated star Connie Britton (who played kick-ass mom Tami Taylor), disclosed in a recent interview with Details Magazine that the series will be getting the big screen treatment sometime soon.

For those unfamiliar, Friday Night Lights started as a critically-acclaimed non-fiction book about a small town in Texas that lives and breathes nothing but high school football. The book spawned a critically-acclaimed film directed by Berg, which then inspired a TV spinoff, which became one of the most revered shows in recent memory.

Now, with a script penned by series showrunner Jason Katims, the FNL franchise will return to theaters, picking up where the fictionalized show left off, as apposed to the first movie, which was inspired by the true events of the book.

Little else is known about the project other than that Berg, Katims, Britton, and Emmy-winner Kyle Chandler are all on board. Assembling the rest of the young cast may be more difficult (especially John Carter/Battleship star Taylor Kitsch), but with the emotional core of Eric and Tami Taylor in place along with the original creative team, the rest is bound to work out just fine.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

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