Video: Watch All 22 JAMES BOND Intros Simultaneously

James Bond aficionados of the world unite! Regardless of differences in opinion about favorite Bond (actor) and favorite Bond (movie), here’s a video that every Bond lover will enjoy: a tribute to Bond intro scenes, simultaneously showing all 22 intros, from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace. (I recommend watching it in Full Screen mode, to best experience its stunning, but somewhat overwhelming, visual glory.)

Thanks to this video, which does poetic justice to the greatness of 007’s storied past, I’m now even more psyched for Bond’s upcoming return in Skyfall–a feat I would have thought impossible when I woke up this morning.

Looking closely (and, admittedly, watching it a few times), I was able to catch a few of my favorite intro scenes, including those from GoldfingerYou Only Live TwiceGoldenEye, and Casino Royale. Can you spot your favorite(s)?


Find more news about James Bond here. See the first teaser trailer for Skyfall here.

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