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AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW, “David Guetta” Episode Recap

This week on America’s Best Dance Crew, we’re down to the final three with only one week left until the explosive finale. This week 8 Flavahs, Elektrolytes, and Mos Wanted Crew battle to the tunes of David Guetta. Can the young girls of Hawaii and LA reach to the finale or will it be adults-only? Let’s get to the dancing to see who survives!

Every dance crew gets a mystery box filled witih goodies that will influence and/or be included in their routines. There’s rave gloves that have flashing lights in the finger tips, a creepy Nicki Minaj doll, and Usher-inspired sneakers to help them get his smooth moves. So the three challenges: Gloving, performing like the Nicki doll, and gliding. Every crew is dancing to a superstar mastermix of David Guetta’s hits “Without You” featuring Usher,  “Turn Me On” featuring Nicki Minaj, and “Memories” featuring Kid Cudi.

Mos Wanted Crew

While their moves were on point and they were really strong, I think the camera cuts really took me out of their routine. It didn’t flow for me and there was no momentum as it progressed, but the camera kept cutting away at awkward times and not really highlighting the best of their work. And given the incredible praise from all judges, I feel even more so like I (and the rest of the TV viewing audience) missed out on something special. JC said they showed them something really special and D-Trix thought it was some of the best choreography in the show’s history. He also threw out that this routine was why they should be America’s Best Dance Crew. Lil Mama loved how they did hardcore hip hop dance to a woman’s part, during Nicki’s “Turn Me On.”

8 Flavahs

These girls face the unique challenge of the gloves being too big and hard to use. They have the smallest hands by far of the remaining crews, so this could definitely be a disadvantage. Alright, can I just say…WHAT?! That was awesome! They had incredible flips and tricks and just really interesting choreography. This may have been my favorite routine of theirs. D-Trix said they made him pee, it was so good. Mijera stole the show with her 8 turns and then straight into the attitude pose. And then Michelle’s lift into the split and then flip, Lil Mama could only say “Whoa.” JC loved that they did something that the other crews can’t do – played into the feminity, the Russian flip and trick, all the turns. He’s right, as much training as MWC and Elektrolytes have, they can’t do those moves. You know, after that performance, I’d be cool with them winning this whole thing.


Another crazy strong performance! Sal did a flip off of Marcus’s chest, which looked great in the slow-mo. Their gloving section was definitely my favorite of all the crews – the pacman, the domino line were bomb. JC said they just blew everybody’s minds. They had crab push-ups, assisted flips, and so many tricks and “wow” moments – they went all-in on this performance! D-Trix thinks they just showed everyone that they want this win more than the other crews by throwing it all down on the floor.

Group Performance

“Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia

All the crews really got a chance to shine! I especially loved the reveal with 8 Flavahs. I thought they would come out from under the stage or through the fog, but it turned out they were on stage the whole time, sitting on Elektrolytes back! Great routine over all, but have they always done the Top 3 group routine towards the end of the episode? I don’t remember this from seasons prior.

At the end of the routine, Mario Lopez revealed who got the most votes this week. Drumrollllll…….it’s 8 Flavahs! The young groups always do well with the phone votes, but this year I truly feel they deserve it. I surprised myself when I realized I was hoping for Mos Wanted Crew to end up in the bottom. I’ve completely been won over by 8 Flavahs after their performance this week.

Battle Round

Superstar DJ Battle Mix with “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye and “So Close to You Right Now”

Round 1: I think Elektrolytes just knows how to play to the camera way better. They have more photographic moments than MWC despite MWC having some stellar choreography as well. Highlight: MWC’s moment of bone breaking.

Round 2: Alright, Elektrolytes brought in NUNCHUCKS. Highlight: hello, NUNCHUCKS.

Round 3: Elektrolytes incorporated way more literal battle type movements. The whole crew attacked first and went big, as JC said, and they caught everyone’s attention. Highlight: The chain flip/b-boy moves by Elektrolytes.

So who won? My vote goes to Elektrolytes, but the crowd’s cheering for MWC. The judges ultimately go with….Elektrolytes!

Tune in to ABDC next week for the live finale to see if 8 Flavahs or Elektrolytes end up taking home the $100,000 prize and the title of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Do you think the right crew went home? Who do you think is going to win it all – 8 Flavahs or Elektrolytes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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