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Last Night’s Lies: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, “Blood Is the New Black”

In preparation for tonight’s Pretty Little Liars, and in case you’ve forgotten some of the many details, here’s a quick summary of what happened last week on PLL…

  • Emily found a surprise in her bag during English class: a necklace made of letter beads reading “Dead Girls Can’t See” and…teeth. Unfortunately for the Liars, the necklace (and any evidence it might have contained about the body snatcher’s identity) ended up flushed when the Liars decided to debate who should hold on to the necklace while standing in a girls’ bathroom stall, over a motion-sensor-flush toilet.
  • Spencer visited Garrett in jail. Garrett repeated his assertions of innocence and pleas for Spencer’s mom to represent him. Garrett tells Spencer that what was taken from Ali’s grave proves his innocence, as medical records don’t lie, but won’t say more until Spencer’s mom takes him as a client.
  • Meredith is back!…and applying for a teaching position at Aria’s school.
  • Aria and Ezra shared some quality time in his car. Aria confirmed that her parents are divorced!
  • Hanna visited Mona and lost her sh*t (i.e., screamed at Mona and threw a chair) when Mona still refused to say a word. Wren and Hanna bonded in the hallway and Wren diagnosed Hanna as suffering from “ambiguous loss.” Mona saw the fake name on Hanna’s visitor’s pass.
  • Ezra tutors Emily…and awkwardness abounds.
  • Spencer & Toby had a massage/make-out session on the Hastings’ couch…until her mom came home.
  • Aria found an envelope containing a red-jeweled earring in her locker.
    • FLASHBACK: Aria & Ali in Byron’s office after discovering his affair with Meredith. Aria says it’s over. Ali finds (so she says) a red-jeweled earring under the couch and asserts that it must be Meredith’s. Aria finds its match in the couch cushions. Ali suggests that the way to end the affair permanently is to show Byron that Meredith is “a vindictive, homewrecking bunny boiler.” Together, they trash Byron’s office, leaving papers strewn everywhere and bright red lipstick messages on the walls (including an “X” over Byron’s face in his family photo).
  • Aria then informed the Liars that she put one of the earrings in Ali’s casket before the funeral.
  • Jenna (after ‘recognizing Aria’s ringtone’) invited Aria to be her accompanist at an upcoming recital and asked if Aria would come to her house the next day. Aria declined and, to exit the conversation, pretended that her father was waiting for her across the street.
  • Spencer’s mom banned Spencer from visiting Garrett again, saying that Garrett is dangerous and people might start to think that Spencer is his partner on the outside.
  • Hanna told Caleb that she wanted to visit Mona (but omitted her prior visits). Caleb thought it was a bad idea, but eventually relented and agreed to accompany Hanna on her visit.
    • Hanna explained to Caleb that she was suffering from “ambiguous loss.” Caleb wanted to know where she got that term. Hanna says she Googled it.
  • A texted Aria: “Daddy needs to know. Or I let the other one go. To the police. ‘Night-night. -A”
  • Aria admitted her office-trashing actions to Byron, who tells her that she owes Meredith an apology.
  • Toby gave Spencer 2 bottles of eyedrops he found in Jenna’s bathroom and wonders why, if the surgery did not work, Jenna would need to refill the prescription.
  • While taking her English test, Emily gets distracted by the way a girl in front of her is tying her hair up.
    • FLASHBACK to ‘that night’: Emily, sitting in the back seat of a car that has a sunroof, sees the car’s driver tying her hair up and her face…it’s Jenna!
  • Aria delivered the mandated apology to Meredith, who informed her that she already knew the truth thanks to a phone call from Byron earlier that day. Meredith also bragged that she and Byron set a lunch date for the following day, and thanked Aria for being the person to make their reunion possible. Aria attempted to return the red-jeweled earring to Meredith…only to have Meredith refuse it, saying it did not belong to her.
  • Despite her mother’s prohibition, Spencer goes to visit Garrett once more and discovers that Garrett has a new lawyer…her mom! Spencer hides from her mother and attempts to talk to Garrett, but he says his new attorney made him promise not to have any further contact with Spencer, smiled creepily, and ended the visit.
  • While grading Emily’s English test, Ella sees that Emily failed to finish the last few pages. Ella picked up her pencil and began filling in the answers…unaware of the fact that someone was watching her.
  • Wren saw Caleb waiting for Hanna in the hallway and introduced himself, letting Hanna’s prior visits slip during the conversation. Not only is Hanna busted on this front, but Wren also explained to Caleb about Hanna’s “ambiguous loss,” busting her on the Google lie too. (The fight sure to result from this revelation will most definitely not be pretty…)
  • While Wren and Caleb were chatting in the hallway, Hanna did Mona’s makeup and attempted to elicit a response by identifying with Mona, saying she knows there still a person inside Mona and that they have both been hurt. Receiving nothing in return, Hanna began to pack her makeup bag only to be interrupted by Mona finally deciding to speak: “You’re getting them again, aren’t you? The texts.” As Hanna is about to respond, Caleb informs her that visiting hours are over. Hanna asks Mona what texts she’s talking about, but Mona says nothing. Hanna tells Mona that they’re not done with this topic and she’ll be back. Hanna left…and apparently forgot her tweezers, which Mona was hiding beneath her leg. Mona picked up the tweezers and stabbed them into her finger until a visible drop of blood appeared.
  • Ezra went to school to discuss Emily’s test with Ella. Ezra says that Emily was distraught about it, and is sure she did poorly. Ella responds that Emily did just fine and there will be no need to take the test again. Ella explained that she knows what Emily’s been through, and cryptically says: “We’re all rooting for her to succeed.”
  • The Liars returned to where they began, the girls’ bathroom, to debate Spencer’s mom representing Garrett, the mystery earring, and ‘that night’ in the car. Aria doubts Emily’s recollection, saying that when they picked her up she called Aria “Arlene.” As they are about to leave the bathroom, they see Jenna heading their way and Spencer decides to test her theory about Jenna’s vision. Spencer placed the earring on the bathroom counter and hid with the rest of the Liars in stalls.
  • Jenna can see! After filling her water bottle at the sink, Jenna reached right for the earring, pulled off her sunglasses, and stared at it with something akin to recognition on her face. With one last odd look at the earring, Jenna put it back on the counter and hurried out into the hall.
  • The Liars emerged from their stalls to discuss. Hanna and Aria wanted to expose Jenna pronto: “Don’t look at me. I’m ready to hang a sign: ‘Bitch can see!'” – Aria (a.k.a. best line of the week!) Spencer, ever the long-term strategist, convinced the Liars that the better strategy was to bide their time–that they could, and would, make good use of this information.

Closing scene: We see a knife collection in a display case and an unseen person buying black hoodies and gloves. The store clerk asked his customer: “You buying all these for a team?”


Some questions to ponder:

  • Did Ali really find the red-jeweled earring under Byron’s office couch? Or, did she plant it there?
  • Why did Jenna appear to recognize the red-jeweled earring?
    • Given the other similarities between PLL and Veronica Mars, is it possible that Byron had a Lilly Kane/Aaron Echolls-like relationship with Ali? Or Jenna?
  • Why does Garrett really want Spencer’s mom to represent him?
  • Who saw Ella adding answers to Emily’s test? How will they use that information?

Post your Answers, conspirAcy theories, or other questions below…or tweet them to me (@SarahDKatz) using the hashtag “#LastNightsLies” and I’ll reply with my thoughts (or, if more than 140 characters are necessary, I’ll post the question and my answer below and tweet you a link).


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