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Red Hot Chili Peppers’s “Look Around” Video Review


I was set to rate this video with a clean 4/5 stars: a dynamic visual design, funny characterization of all the band members, and a cute reference to the song’s title. Then I realized there’s an INTERACTIVE VERSION. You can play the video and spin the camera’s viewpoint around at will. That. Is. So. Cool. To play around with it, click here.

In each room there’s also a clickable object that brings you to a slide show of behind-the-scenes photos.

So, I’m going to rate the interactive version since that’s what the true video concept is. But, I will say that the static version does an excellent job at sampling the mechanics and shenanigans. It just isn’t as engaging as discovering things for yourself. Unless you decide to stay focused on the Josh Klinghoffer room.

Now a thing: the “interactive joke”

The rooms house the different band members doing their own thing, each one as distinct as their individual personalities. Each instrument is clean and defined on the track, and like the dynamic set and its inhabitants, the parts all flow and interplay together, like, you know, music does. It’s a unique visual representation of the song and of the band members’ presence.

Including this dog’s butt

I’m ruling a detailed breakdown to be unnecessary. You should go play with the video and make of it what you want.

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