First time director RZA, best known for being apart of the hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan, has released a trailer for his upcoming film The Man with the Iron Fists. The film was written by RZA and Eli Roth with RZA portraying a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village and is put in the position where he must defend himself and his fellow villagers. The trailer has ‘Quentin Taratino presents’ at the beginning but I haven’t seen anywhere exactly what his involvement in the film was, so that is definitely something interesting to ponder about. The movie stars Russell Crow, Jamie Chung, Lucy Liu, RZA, Dave Batista, and Pam Grier. The movie looks like a pretty sweet kung-fu, action film filled with immense amounts of crazy awesome stunts. Check out the trailer below.


The Man with the Iron Fists had around a $20 million budget and began shooting in December 2010 in China and wrapped principal photography in March 2011. It’s been said that the original cut of the film was 4 hours in length with RZA suggesting to cut the film and half and make two but Eli Roth nixed that idea. The film is now cut down to around 90 minutes. I would have to see the 90 minute version first in order to decide if I would ever sit through the 4 hour version. Some films I would absolutely sit through the full length director’s cut such as TDKR or LOTR.

The film also has a pretty cool poster recently released. Check it out below.


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