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WILFRED “Guilt” Episode Recap – Babies vs. Dogs

 “Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving” – Erma Bombeck

The opening scene of Wilfred, “Guilt” shows Ryan getting a text that seems to grab his attention.  Wilfred is trying to turn the tide in his and Jelly Beans’ relationship and wants to go to his house for a party.  The text turns out to be Ryan’s sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown) letting him know she is back in the states and making her way to his house.  Ryan is understandably worried about facing her (aside from her attitude) after everything that happened between the two in Season One.  Wilfred’s suggestion for dealing with all the guilt that Ryan is harboring is to do what dogs do, keep in short term; put it out of his head quickly.  In fact, Wilfred demonstrates this time frame  by utilizing his wristwatch alarm, a great device used throughout the episode to signify Wilfred’s own capacity for guilt, which is minimal.

Kristen shows up at Ryan’s door with a big surprise…she’s prego, and very much so.  Wilfred immediately freaks out and goes on the defensive, telling Ryan that there has been a war brewing between dogs and babies for ages.  He calls Kristen a Trojan Horse and shares dark descriptions of battles passed.  Kristen fills Ryan in on her life while she”s been gone.  She and Dr. Ramos (Nestor Carbonell) quickly realized that they loved one another after she joined him in India.  Kristen also tells him that Dr. Ramos ended things with his wife once the two came to realize their feelings for one another and she got pregnant.

Kristen quickly tells Ryan she forgives him for everything prior to her return to California.  Wilfred decides to speak with the baby and suggest a truce, an end to their war.  The baby follows with a question…does Wilfred have a spare “dickfor”  and you know the rest.  Wilfred realizes he’s been made a fool and calls the war back on.  Ryan is not convinced that Kristen is truly forgiving him.  While he’s ruminating on this, Wilfred goes through Kristen’s bag and finds a restraining order with Dr. Ramos’ name on it.  They realize that Kristen has been lying about how happy she and Dr. Ramos have been and Ryan is convinced it’s because she can’t trust him an longer.   Ryan decides to make up for what he did to Kristen by being there for her with the pregnancy and her troubles with Dr. Ramos.  She’s back to her old self, ordering Ryan around, and though that’s pretty standard for a pregnant woman, I anticipate it being ten times worse with Kristen’s personality.

Amanda and Ryan are still going, Allison Mack makes a quick appearance to remind us that is still a factor in everything that is going on.  There is no mention of why or if Amanda has disdain for Wilfred yet, but I look forward to finding out what was behind her steering away from him while he was at the office earlier in Season Two.  The two share a slightly disgusting convo at dinner regarding Amanda’s work, which makes it evident that Ryan has never dated a scientist.  TMI tends to be an occupational hazard.  The two leave with a MythBusters marathon planned to solidify their cool nerdiness.

Ryan leaves Wilfred alone at the house with Kristen all day, which may have been a mistake.  Kristen’s conversation with Ryan reveals that Wilfred has been trying to take Kristen down all day long by using the most common dog form of passive-aggressiveness – being “under foot”.  Wilfred is seen under Kristen with a dustbuster, pretending he’s going to suck the baby out.  He also swapped Kristen’s prenatal vitamins for morning after pills, such is the mind of a dog.  Ryan fences Wilfred in to keep him from Kristen and to keep the baby safe.  Kristen’s new found Hindi calm is starting to disappear.

Kristen plays the role of a helpless pregnant woman so well.  She is taking full advantage of Ryan’s guilt.  Kristen and Ryan talk  a little about Ryan’s life for a bit and we find that (big surprise) Kristen has a problem with what he’s doing.  Though he is stable and successful, he is also working with “Western medicine” and she does not agree with it.   Along with her objections to his job, she really just doesn’t see things working out with Amanda either (another shocker, I know).  Big sis is characteristically critical and condescending, coming back to her old self.

We find out that Kristen never heard from Arturo after he went home to break up with his wife, he left her there on her own.  The restraining order is against her from Dr. Ramos, not the other way around.  Ryan and Kristen’s relationship falls right back in to it’s old rhythm.  There is an issue with the baby and it puts Kristen on bed rest.  When Dr. Ramos hears there has been an incident, he rushes over and admits that the restraining order was done at his wife’s insistence.  This just proves how well suited he and Kristen are, she needs a subservient man to her extremely dominant personality.

Ryan takes the opportunity the distraction gives him to show Wilfred how much babies and dogs have in common.  He makes Wilfred realize that it’s like their fighting themselves.  Alluding to another relationship in the show as well maybe?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  Wilfred turns around and asks Ryan when is the guilt gonna end?  Ryan explains that until Kristen forgives him, he can’t let it go.

Dr. Ramos and Kristen reunite…and reunite…and reunite for a while.  As Dr. Ramos leaves, he thanks Ryan for sharing his house as their love nest for future liaisons.  Though Ramos swears he wants to be with Kristen and he feels horrible about everything, but he is quick to ditch Kristen to go to a show with his wife.  Ryan stands up to Kristen with regard to the “love nest” and she throws guilt trip on him, proving she hasn’t forgiven him completely.  She lashes out, blaming Ryan for her downfall with Dr. Ramos and her previous failed relationship, with a sudden realization it’s her own fault for cheating and following Ramos.  Ryan, knowing how hard guilt can be, takes the opportunity to be there for Kristen to help her forgive herself.  The “guilt alarm” that has been going off on Wilfred’s wristwatch all episode gives it’s final beeps, which is a great way to close out Ryan’s bout with his sister

Wilfred tries one last time to make amends with baby.  Baby takes the upper-hand again, Wilfred he likes that idea and he’d like to offer to let Wilfred join his club, the Pen15 club…write it down, you’ll get it.

Couch moments:  We learn Wilfred’s view on life at conception.  As far as he’s concerned, life doesn’t begin until fetus is  ten years old. When Ryan accuses him on having now morals, Wilfred corrects him with,  “you kill an eleven year old you’re going straight to hell”.

I really enjoyed the return of Kristen and to have the opportunity to see the that relationship mend and evolve.  The introduction of a baby into Wilfred and Ryan’s life will be quite an interesting turn.  I’m eager to see where Amanda and Ryan are going, as well as to see how her seeming disdain for Wilfred plays out.  Season Two of Wilfred is turning out better than I could imagine and is rife with undercurrent and symbolism.  I’m beginning to have trouble distinguishing between Elijah and Ryan, which is a good thing.  Not that Elijah has any of the same issues or mannerisms, but I’m not see Elijah Wood playing a role, I’m seeing Ryan.  The Season has some great momentum and week to week I just can’t wait for the next episode.

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