Kickstart This: HAUNTED, A Found Footage Horror Film

We here at Screen Invasion are big fans of supporting indie projects and some promising crowd-funded projects. We’ve highlighted a number of projects ranging from documentarys, Ouya, Old Murder House Theater and more. And now, one of our own writers is venturing out in to the fray of indie filmmaking.

Brad McHargue, one of our contributing film reviewers, has written a few horror film scripts and is now asking for the world wide web’s help in getting this project off the ground. Watch him discuss, in his own words, what will make their movie different and why it’s worth your hard earned moolah:

Found Footage films seem like the perfect fit with Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. They are not expensive to produce, especially when compared to other movie genres like period pieces or action fare, and usually are built upon the word of mouth from its early fans. It truly seems like Brad and his team have done their homework on the genre and are capable of shooting some life it to this new film sub-genre.

Check out the creepy promo trailer:

Official Synopsis:

Andrew, a film student at the University of Michigan, is tagging along with a team of paranormal investigators to document their process for a school project. At first things go according to plan, but as the night progresses, things begin to spiral out of control. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that something in the house doesn’t want them there. Taking a unique approach to the concept of “found footage” HAUNTED is presented in a quad-screen/real-time format, showing the audience everything that is occurring inside the house all at once.

Fund this project:

Stay up to date on the project by following Brad on Twitter at @BradMcHargue.

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