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Meet an Invader: Casey Carroll, Video Editor

Now that you’ve met the founders of this little space of the web, it’s time to meet the team that keeps this whole thing afloat! The first of our editors to be highlighted, Casey, is our main video guy. He’s done a few video blogs about his favorite films, but on top of that he makes sure our YouTube page is constantly up to date. He’s an integral part of the team and we’re so glad he found the site in its early days. And now, meet Casey Carroll:


1. What drew you to the Screen Invasion team, over other bigger and older entertainment websites?
 The reason I decided to apply for Screen Invasion back before it was officially Screen Invasion was to get my writing out there more and to be able to write with other people with similar interests. I had started my own blog page where I was already making the same type of news post and reviews but wanted something more. I had been doing that for about a year before joining up with Screen Invasion. I’ve always been a big fan of other sites such as FirstShowing.netAintitcool.com, and /Film.com and I saw the potential for Screen Invasion to be another big contender with movie and tv content.


2. Briefly describe what you write about for the site for our readers- movies, music, news, reviews, your regular feature etc.
I mainly stick to movie and television news. I typically posts trailers and other various items. I also review the occasional movie or DVD/Blu-ray. I also upload most of our videos to our YouTube account.


3. What’s one pop culture goal you want to accomplish before the world ends? (Mayan calendar predicts the apocalypse will be 12/21/2012)
Hmmmmm. Well, I should have gone to Comic Con this year but that’s all in the past now. Before the Mayans say we’re all goners I want to be able to say I’ve seen at least 500 movies in the last existing year of mankind.


4. What’s your desert island movie and why?
If I had to choose one movie to watch over and over again on a desert island for the rest of my life, I would have to choose…….Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I always choose this film for questions like this because I find it incredibly difficult to choose favorites. I choose this film 1. because I actually do love this film and 2. interesting fact, my middle named is named for the character of Cameron from this film. Yes my parents loved that character so much they gave me that middle name.


5. What’s your background in writing?
My background in writing is mainly in school. I was always good at just bullshitting out a paper or an article when I needed to all throughout school. I never really liked writing until now because I actually get to write and talk about the things I love. I’m actually an aspiring filmmaker but I love film and television so much that I decided to write about it as well.


6. What’s your guilty pleasure flick or TV show?
My guilty pleasure flick would have to be anything in the Christmas genre. Lame right? Those movies just always put me in a good mood growing up so anytime a good Christmas film is on such as: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, or The Santa Claus; I’ll watch it. My guilty pleasure TV show would have to be Friends. Again, loved this show growing up so of course I own the collector’s edition box set.


7. When you aren’t writing and watching movies/playing games/listening to music – what do you do for fun?
Other things I enjoy doing for fun include working out, reading a good book, or going out with friends.


8. If you could have dinner with 3 fictional characters – who would it be and why? What would you want to talk about?
Three fictional character’s I would want to have dinner with…..that’s a tough question. Let’s go with Harry Potter. We would talk about quidditch and who the best looking girls in each house were. Also, how to destroy horcruxes, I totally would have been the 4th person on that journey to defeat Voldemort (yeah that’s right, I said his name).
Next, would have to be Tyrion Lannister from the Song of Fire and Ice book series and obviously now hit HBO show Game of Thrones. I have loved this character in the books and Peter Dinklage’s portrayal could not be better. Tyrion may not be in the family I support but he is still an awesome character. We would most likely talk about how big a bitch his sister is and make fun of his brother Jamie for being a ‘pretty boy.’ Also, we would definitely enjoy the spoils of war!
Last fictional character I would want to have dinner with would be Ron Burgundy. He seems like he would be a blast to hang out with in his hey days! We would talk of rich mahogany, leather bound books, and I’d give him spanish tips so he could communicate with his dog Baxter a little better.


I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me. If you ever want to know more or have any questions, hit my up on twitter @Casey_Carroll
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Kristal Bailey

Kristal Bailey

With a soft spot for movies that fall into the “So Bad They’re Good” category, Kristal Bailey regularly watches B-movies, 80s comedies, and sci-fi from the 50s and 60s. She also refuses to grow up if that means she has to hide her love for Disney and Pixar films.

In her free time, she enjoys reading graphic novels or books that are soon to be turned into movies, watching hours and hours of television, and spending way too much time on Twitter.