PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: Two New Scary Trailers

There has not been an official plot yet, but Paranormal Activity fans got of taste of what’s coming this October with two new trailers for Paranormal Activity 4.  Year after year fans have been scared to tears by these films and it looks as though the story is going to continue.  I really liked the trailer after seeing a new camera effect they used.  In once scene of the trailer the camera is using a face-time aspect like used on the Iphone.  I first saw this at the Nashville Film Festival during a film called V/H/S.  This concept was very frightening and added for a lot of spooky suspense.  From my guesses of the trailer they are probably going to continue along the lines of what really happened when Katie kidnapped the little boy in Paranormal Activity 2.

Some new characters look to be introduced but hard to tell their roles beyond the victims due to no plot being disclosed.  Katie (Katie Featherstone) has been listed on the cast who has appeared in all the films as well as Dianna Agron, who appears to be the main character in the trailer.

Here is the first trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, from Apple:

And here is another trailer, with more footage:

Paranormal Activity 4 is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish, Paranormal Activity 3), and features writing from Zack Estrin and Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity).  We can only assume that this franchise will keep giving scares for years to come, but now fans will have to wait until just before halloween to get spooked.  Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters October 19th.

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