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WILFRED “Honesty” Episode Recap – Is It Really the Best Policy?

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.
Be honest and transparent anyway.” –  Mother Theresa

The opening to Wilfred: Honesty shows one of Ryan’s old workmates being arrested for sharing secrets with the rival company that caused Ryan’s company to go under.  This, of course, was the ultimate cause of boss Jeremy (Steven Weber)’s suicide, which I am still lamenting.  Jenna brings this to Ryan’s attention, but has ulterior motives for sharing the information.  Ever since the “squishy tits” incident, Jenna has been struggling to get her career back on track.  Her station has her doing human interest stories of the lowest common denominator in society and they are calling the segment “The Squish”.  Even I feel a little sorry for Jenna after that revelation, and I’m really not a Jenna fan.  Jenna really needs something to give her a boost, just one good story to move her forward, and Ryan can help her do it.  The lawyer in the scandal involving Ryan’s company is his father and Jenna needs to get an interview with him.  As we well know, Ryan has some major daddy issues (as does everyone else in the family) and he doesn’t want to call his dad, but agrees to, because its for Jenna…blech.

Wilfred shows up at Ryan’s house with Jenna sporting some nasty scratch marks on his face and claims they’re from getting into fights with a local gang of dobermans that are taking down the neighborhood.  He blames them for the disappearance of a neighborhood cat.  Shortly after the conversation regarding the doberman pinschers, Wilfred reveals a door in the floor of the basement and for a moment I think we are getting seriously meta and there is even further subconscious that we are about to delve into.  A basement within a basement if you will, but this turns out not to be the case.  Wilfred has been kidnapping cats and throwing them in a shallow pit in the basement.  It turns out the scratch on his face isn’t the result of  fighting with dobermans, but a cat attacked him when he was trying, in that dopey way that dogs have, to play.  Wilfred is apparently traumatized by the incident and is determined to torture and then kill all the cats that he has captured.

Ryan takes a stab at being a cat killing psychopath.

Ryan sees the missing cats as just what Jenna needs for her breakout story.  He tells her about the large amount of cats that have gone missing, but misses the mark with his attempt to save her and the story just ends up on “The Squish”.  The damage that “squishy tits” has done to Jenna is evident, not only in her career, but in the lack of respect from her crew.  Once filming is completes he throws out a “nice job Squishy T” to her chagrin.  Though that’s actually a step up from his even more pared down name of “tits”, which he uses when they depart.  Jenna is losing faith in pursuing her career and Ryan is determined to get her back on the right path.  Ryan concocts a plan to get Jenna her story by releasing the cats, believing this will be a big break for her.  Wilfred thinks a story in which all the cats are murdered would be a bigger story and sets out to make that happen instead.  Jenna calls and tells Ryan that the “cat psychopath” emailed her with photos of the cats, promising video of the murders.  This development has Jenna as the top story the following day on all the news channels.

Again, of course, since it’s for Jenna, Ryan concedes to work with Wilfred to make the cat killer video.  There is another motivator to all this craziness, Ryan doesn’t want to have to tell Jenna the truth about being the cause of
“Squishy Tits”.  Ryan opts for a fake cat to finish the video, in which he dons a gas mask and rubber gloves, as well as various nefarious looking sharp objects to use on the cats.  Wilfred loses it after the fake cat incident a la Christian Bale‘s on-set rant circa 2009.  Ryan and Wilfred stay up all night to get video done in time for Jenna’s early morning feature.  The video that Jenna is actually sent does nothing to aid her comeback, and makes her even more of a laughing stock.  It is a PSA that Wilfred made of mauled dogs, presumably scratched by cats, requesting that people put their cats down so they can’t scratch any more dogs.  Jenna is ready to give up her dream of journalism and go do something else altogether.

After Wilfred makes sure that there is no easy way out of the Jenna predicament, Ryan is finally honest with himself and realizes that he has to tell Jenna the truth about Squishy Tits and let her know it’s not her own fault that her career is messed up.  He risks Jenna hating him rather than letting her quit her job.  In telling Jenna the truth about everything, and I mean everything (being responsible for Squishy Tits by way of the pot candy, the switched pee for her drug test, the false pregnancy and the reason she and Drew split up”, he completely alienates her, at least momentarily.  We are left with a “what if” moment when Jenna calls Wilfred to leave Ryan and come with her.  What if she really doesn’t let Wilfred go back to see Ryan?

Ryan and Jenna make nice.

The thought is short-lived as the next scene shows Wiflred and Ryan together in the basement.  Jenna gets her story after all, using her unfortunate experience for a feature on pot candy and safety for kids.  Wilfred is laying in and snuggling with a pile of cats.  Ryan forces Wilfred to share his own bit of truth and admit that he loves the cats.  As Ryan and Wilfred are on their way to letting all the cats go, Jenna stops to talk with him.  She reveals what I’ve been certain of all along; that she was using him so he would watch Wilfred.  She used him as an errand boy and a fall back guy.  Nothing against Fiona Gubelmann, but I knew there was a good reason I didn’t like Jenna!

No couch moment again this week, instead Ryan and Wilfred use this time together to let the cats go one by one.  Suddenly the fictitious dobermans appear and the cats are dispatched unceremoniously to Wilfred’s wails.  I suppose this is the ultimate price to be paid for his dishonesty.

So, in the end everyone’s honesty helped them get a little something off their chest, but to what end?  I’m not really down for giving Jenna much of a chance, thought it may be hypocritical of me, I just don’t like the girl.   As we move closer to the finally, I am ready to see how Ryan will handle his father.  Now that the Jenna issue is out of the way (or just getting started again), we can focus on this mysterious relationship and get some closure.  Yes, I’ve adopted some of Ryan’s neuroses, this show is good therapy.

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Do you want to see Jenna and Ryan together after all that has happened?  Share your thoughts in the comments!






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