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WILFRED “Truth” Episode Recap – Lies = Love?

” The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” – James A. Garfield

In Wilfred, “Truth“, Ryan and Amanda have taken the next logical step in their relationship in the middle of very illogical situation.  Of course, Amanda doesn’t know that yet.  Wilfred doesn’t believe this is a good idea and predicts something bad will happen.  Wilfred gets desperate and starts throwing out whatever he can to convince Ryan this Amanda thing is a bad idea.  He tells Ryan that Amanda kissed him and was coming on to him.  Ryan is frustrated and really angry that Wilfred can’t let it go and feels that he is jealous of the relationship with Amanda.

There is suddenly an earthquake and Ryan falls, pinned under furniture in the basement.  As Ryan calls for help, Wilfred is not only no help, but even discourages his calls for help by telling him he is buried under a box of secrets with a talking dog in a basement that may not even exist, wondering if he really thinks someone is on there way to help him.  This comment seems to upset Ryan more than the bookshelf lying on top of him.  Those moments in which his version of reality  is threatened really put Ryan into a panic.  Help does show up in the form of Bruce (Dwight Yoakum), who was introduced in season one as someone from Wilfred’s past who causes a fair amount of trouble.

Wilfred called in Bruce to share proof that Ryan shouldn’t move in with Amanda.   Initially Ryan says that it won’t matter what is in the suitcase that Bruce has brought with him as the proof, but ends up being bated into wanting to find out anyway.  Bruce isn’t giving up the information without a little effort being put forth to obtain it.  Ryan and Bruce go head to head to compete for the information.  Wilfred doesn’t think Ryan can handle going up against Bruce, and makes it clear to him that he isn’t ready.  There are a countless number of “games” including “why the hell is he wearing that mask”, which you lose if you say these words when someone runs at you with a mask on, Ryan being covered by a bowl of cooked noodles, Ryan being knocked over by a pillow, and finally trivia.

When Ryan loses the innumerable games, Wilfred calls for a sudden death round, which will end with his tail being cut off if Ryan loses.  It seems Wilfred really means for Ryan to find out why he can’t move in with Amanda and is willing to risk maiming to do expose the reason.  The final game is Truth or Dare.  Such a game with regard to Ryan is certain to be revealing.  Wilfred tells Ryan that all he has to do is choose truth, because that’s why they’re down there.  Ryan chooses dare instead, certain that Wilfred is playing at something.  Instead, Bruce tells Ryan that he must call his father, tell him everything was his fault and that he wants to come back.  Ryan freaks out at the last second and hangs up, so close to some kind of break but he stops short.  This turns out to be a good move as he wins by not giving in and ultimately choosing truth.

Ryan comments afterward that he doesn’t feel like he has won.  Wilfred tells him “that is the problem with this particular game, even when you win, you lose.”  The truth in the suitcase is not about Amanda, but ultimately about Ryan.  Opening the suitcase reveals a timer that has been counting the time in the basement.  It shows that the three of them have been down there for over twelve hours.  The whole thing was a set-up to show Ryan the truth about why he isn’t ready to move in with Amanda, he isn’t stable and wouldn’t be able to explain a twelve hour romp in the basement very easily.  Wilfred surprisingly actually encourages Ryan to tell Amanda the truth if he loves her.

When Ryan rushes out of the basement, he finds his house in perfect order, which doesn’t make sense to him as there was an earthquake that caused his fall earlier in the day.  Amanda show sup to start moving things in and Ryan takes his preferred path, avoiding the truth.  He starts backpedaling and takes back his I love you, hurting Amanda and alienating her rather than trusting her with his reality.  Wilfred goes to her to comfort her as he did when he won her over.  I hate that this relationship is on the way out, I feel like we were just getting to know Amanda.  She is wonderful and compliments Ryan so well.

Since the entire episode took place in the basement this week, there is no couch moment.  Instead the two friends venture to the beach to smoke out and talk things out.  Ryan starts second guessing himself and says that he never should have lied to Amanda but been honest with her.  Wilfred refutes this and gives us the most telling statement of the episode, possibly of any episode to date, “you  lied to her because you love her and that’s why i lie to you, you understand that right?”.   The parting thoughts are quite poignant as well.  Ryan to Wilfred, “You knew this would happen.  This is the disaster you predicted.”  Wilfred to Ryan – “Sorry mate, that still wasn’t it.”  These final lines actually gave me chills.

I was thrilled with this episode.  It was very thought provoking and leading, much more serious than the typical Wilfred episode.  Wilfred comes across very philosophical in “Truth” and reveals so much in so little time.  I feel like the team packed so much in to this episode and I don’t know how they did it all in less than half an hour.  I am so intrigued by this show and all the little revelations and hints that are dropped each episode.  The tidbits weren’t as subtle in “Truth” as they usually are.  Something big will happen by the season finale and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for it to come to light.




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