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Film Club – Episode 11: BREAKING THE WAVES

This episode sees the grandmaster of controversy Lars Von Trier break opinions with his 96′ film Breaking The Waves. From its confused intentions, misogynistic connotations, dogme film style and dividing statements on sex, love and organised religion. It certainly packs enough theoretical and cinematic gun powder to make plenty of noise. But is that a good thing or is Breaking The Waves simply a case of Von Trier playing god with with his audience?



As per usual we have a counter acting film to follow our main feature and this week it comes courtesy of the  2006 errr classic Phat Girlz. Trashy to the max this ghettoliscious sass factory see’s Monique finger snap her way through a minefield of cliches and horrible dialogue. Dont believe me, check out the trailer below and see for yourself.


Mal’s pick in the fourth round of films is the 2009 drama Fish Tank. The Brit flick from director from writer/director Andrea Arnold follows 15 year old Mia, who’s already run down life takes a turn for the worse when her mum brings home her new boyfriend. So thats what we have next on our schedule, check out the trailer below, find yourself a copy, watch and then head on over to our Facebook Forums to give your two cents on the film.

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