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This animated short film created by FUNimations is set to explore the mysterious past of James Vega, one of Shepard’s strongest allies in Mass Effect. Vega is an alliance marine when you meet him in Mass Effect 3 and is at first too hot headed for Shepard’s liking, crashing a transport ship into Cerberus agent. However as you talk to Vega during the course of the game you find out more and more about Vega’s time as an Alliance Solider, explaining perhaps his brashness combat.

It is revealed that he made a call that resulted in a fairly negative outcome. Despite saving himself, his decision seems to haunt throughout Mass Effect 3.  However Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is due to shed some light on what that decision actually was. Vega is set to be voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr, who also voiced the character in the games. It’s set to be released on 28th December  on DVD and Blu Ray. [VG247]

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