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Wilfred “Resentment” Episode Recap – Three Little Words

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” – Malachy McCourt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Wilfred is just a good as therapy for me.  “Resentment” seems to have been tailor made for me to see this week.  I’ve been poisoning myself left and right over the past two days and felt much lighter after this episode.  Thanks Mr. Baldy, the check’s in the mail!

Wilfred, “Resentment” begins with Ryan avoiding Jenna and Drew in his front yard, but per usual, Wilfred points him out when he goes to attack the water Ryan is spraying on his lawn.  Jenna comes over to chat, everything at the end of the “Questions” episode put behind them… maybe.  Jenna asks about Ryan’s RSVP to her wedding and in true Jenna fashion is blind to Ryan’s discomfort.  She talks past his lack of response and tells him that Wilfred is going to be the ring bearer.

While Wilfred is elated at being included in the wedding, Ryan is miserable.  It initially seems he is jealous just of Drew catching Jenna, but he is actually still missing Amanda.  Yay!  Again, Fiona is adorable, but I really just don’t want Ryan and Jenna together, I can’t forgive her for using him for so long.  Wilfred tells Ryan he is responsible for his own happiness, that he just has to decide to be happy and do it, which led to my first favorite quote of the episode, but does not reflect my views on such things…”Being happy is just like being gay…it’s a choice, that’s why they mean the same thing.”  I’m sure you can guess that was a Wilfred to Ryan moment, not the other way around.  Lines like this, the context, delivery and timing are all the things that keep me coming back to this out of the ordinary show week after week.

Ryan finds Drew outside working on his vows, but he isn’t having much luck coming up with anything.  He asks Ryan to help him write his vows.  Drew claims he doesn’t have the right “inspiration” and actually uses the word “doobage” to get his need across to Ryan.  After smoking a bit and pontificating about what it would be like if Wilfred could talk (*awkward*), Drew tells Ryan that Jenna cheated on him.  He says that he already forgave Jenna for this and that it isn’t the reason for his writer’s block, but his explanation is not terribly convincing.  While still high, Drew asks Ryan to walk Wilfred down the aisle as co-ring bearer…to a dog, just so we’re clear.

Ryan isn’t happy about his predicament and tells Wilfred what led up to his becoming part of the wedding party.  Wilfred defends Jenna against Drew’s accusation of cheating by telling Ryan to “shut your lying face vagina”.  Quality.  Ryan flings the ring to Wilfred who mistakes it for food, catches it in his mouth and swallows it.  The two take it outside to try to get the ring back through Wilfred’s excretions.  Gann uses this opportunity to throw another good dog moment in, going from spot to spot trying to find just the right place to poo, and of course he can’t do it with Ryan watching either.  Both Wilfred and Ryan accuse the other of meaning for this to happen.  Ryan says Wilfred wants to force Ryan into the wedding and Wilfred suggests Ryan wants to ruin Jenna’s wedding.

Wilfred is still in denial about Jenna cheating on Drew because he says that if she cheated on Drew means she could cheat on him too.  Immediately after this conversation, Wilfred sees Jenna playing with other dogs and instantly turns inward, racked with jealousy and hurt.  When Ryan points out that Wilfred has been petted by a lot of other people and he doesn’t see the difference, Wilfred points out that he’s a guy, so the double standard transcends species apparently.  Wilfred is distraught to the point of vomiting and Ryan loves him enough to hold the dog’s ears back while he is sick.  Wilfred has completely lost focus and can’t even think about the ring anymore.  Which leads me to favorite quote number three from Ryan to Wilfred, “Why won’t you just shit for me?!”

Ryan finally decides he will do anything to get out of this wedding, even if it means going to get another ring with the three word inscription that is still a secret from all of us.  He goes to Jenna’s house to probe information about the ring from Drew.  Ryan finds out that the ring is from his grandfather, and was made in the 1950’s.  Wilfred shows up drunk and angrily thrashing around, “accidentally” discharging a gun in the process, hitting Drew and getting blood all over Jenna’s wedding dress.  I still don’t really understand why she was putting it on to model it for Ryan and Drew outside of needing to have it on in order for it to be ruined and round out the plot.

Ryan is frustrated and angry about everything that is going on.  He still needs Wilfred to poop out the ring. He also has to find him before Jenna and Drew get home from the hospital.  When he does track down his furry Jiminy Cricket, Ryan laments, “When did ensuring Jenna and Drew’s happiness become my full time job?” and his resentment is evident.  Both Wilfred and Ryan yell at one another at the same time…why don’t you just let go of your shit?  Of course Wilfred’s is literal and Ryan’s figurative, Wilfred has his scared out of him and helps Ryan get rid of his when the ring comes out.

Due to the hospital visit and Jenna’s ruined dress, Jenna and Drew opt for a civil ceremony.  Ryan refuses to let this happen and offers to hold their wedding at his house and to let Jenna use Kristen’s dress.  Ryan finally lets go of all his resentment, moves forward and ends up back at Amanda’s door.

Couch moments:  Wilfred is writing his own vows and shares them with Ryan…they seem very familiar, “Jenna you’ve got a smile it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories…”.  Turns out he’s reciting Sweet Child of Mine lyrics.

Ryan talks about how he would like to die and says he want to be surrounded by his family and die at an old age.  Wilfred shares how he wants Ryan to die, which is in a future about five years from now when robots have taken over the planet and a Leopard finds Ryan and cuts his head off.  Ryan tells

Ryan – “We’re talking about ways we want to die.”, Wilfred – “No we’re talking about ways we want you to die.”

Ryan finds out that Wilfred took one of his shirts to snuggle with and thinks it’s sweet until Wilfred shares with him that he left a little “love” on it.

My weekly therapy session over, I am looking forward to next week and the big reveal!  Who do you think Ryan’s father is?  Do you think he’s the one with whom Jenna cheated on Drew?  So many questions!

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