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Meet an Invader: Karin Abcarians, Staff Writer

This week, I’m happy to introduce our readers to Karin! She’s a rock star writer, currently contributing three regular features –  a weekly DVD/Blu-Ray round ups, a Harry Potter series reliving her favorite moments from the films, and she just started picking the cream of the crop, four movies you need to see every month. She’s passionate about pop culture, which makes her an excellent fit with our team.


Without further adieu, meet Karin:


1. What drew you to the Screen Invasion team, over other bigger and older entertainment websites?
Screen Invasion has this appeal, I can’t pin point it, it’s just such a lovely site full of pop culture news, and for someone like myself who was looking for some freelance/journalism experience I instantly knew this is where I should start. 


2. Briefly describe what you write about for the site for our readers.
I do a few features. Relive the Magic where each week I revist a clip from the Harry Potter films, 4 Movies a Month where I spotlight four films you should see during each month and I also do a Blu-Ray DVD Roundup. I do also put up trailers and movie news.


3. What’s one pop culture goal you want to accomplish before the world ends? (Mayan calendar predicts the apocalypse will be 12/21/2012)
Before the world ends I’d like to be able to say I worked for Christopher Nolan, with writing or anything. I just want to work with him! It would be the biggest honor.


4. What’s your desert island movie and why?
The Nightmare Before Christmas is my desert island movie. I can watch it on repeat for days.


5. What’s your background in writing?
I started making my own blogs, then did some writing for Examiner.com on different topics.


6. What’s your guilty pleasure flick or TV show?
High School Musical is my guilty pleasure.


7. When you aren’t writing and watching movies – what do you do for fun?
I watch the Lakers own at life and take naps with my dog Dexter (who is indeed named after Dexter Morgan).


8. If you could have dinner with 3 fictional characters – who would it be and why? What would you want to talk about?
Batman, I’d want to talk about Gotham
Harry Potter, I’d want to talk about VOLDEMORT (yeah, I said his name).
Captain America, we’d plan our marriage.


For more Karin, you can follow her on Twitter:

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Kristal Bailey

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