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Dragonborn DLC Announced For SKYRIM

Undoubtedly, while exploring the vast wilds of Skyrim, you have looked up at the circling dragons and thought to yourself “oh boy I wish I could hitch a lift”. DLC for Skyrim so far has allowed you to become a vampire slayer or an interior decorator but it has been announced recently that the Dragonborn will soon be able to fly. As of December 4th Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the Dragonborn DLC for 1,600 Microsoft points. Presumably the DLC will launch later on PC and due to prolonged issues it does not seem that it will be coming to PS3 any time soon.

As the trailer below suggests, the player will have the ability to ride dragons and explore new locations. There have been rumours growing about a new DLC after a forum user found a source code that frequently referred to “Dragonborn” and “DLC2”. The dragon priests that can be found in specific locations throughout Skyrim now have, what it seems, a leading role as the player must prevent the return of the first Dragonborn, a mysterious and sinister looking dragon priest. [GameSpot]

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