GIRLS Season 2 Trailer, Back on HBO on January 13

HBO’s Girls is back on January 13, 2013 and after watching this first trailer it can’t come soon enough! Last season featured some hilarious moments, but my personal favorite was Shoshana’s journey on crack, so I’m glad to see her so prominently featured in this first trailer. Watch it below:

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Lena Dunham has been incredibly busy in the off-season, with a funny Obama commercial and scoring a $3.5 million book deal to just name a couple. On top of that she found the time to work on season 2 and let’s hope she’s learned from her mistakes. The first season was criticized for it’s lack of diversity and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have been corrected based off this first trailer.

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Will you be tuning in to season two of Girls? Sound off in the comments!

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