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IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, “Charlie and Dee Find Love” Episode Recap

The best episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia always set up scenarios where its characters are put in the position to make the right decisions (often multiple times) only to revert back to their old ways in the final act. It’s a fairly simply concept, but even after all these years it’s undeniably satisfying to see The Gang make these mistakes over and over again.

The episode starts off with Dee helping Charlie stalk The Waitress, something that Charlie has become amazing good at, but more on that later. Following their stakeout however, Dee’s car gets hit by a pair of young, hot, Old Money types, Trevor and Ruby Taft, and their appears to be an immediate attraction between Dee and Trevor and Charlie and Ruby, but it turns out that not everyone was on the same page.

Dennis found the idea of Charlie and Dee being pursued by a pair of extremely rich siblings to be highly suspicious, kind of like Cruel Intentions, or Dangerous Liaisons, or pretty much any movie made in the 90s. As the relationships begin to get more and more serious, Dennis starts to take things into his own hands, but here’s where the episode starts to get a bit convoluted.

Without Charlie keeping up with The Waitress’s every move (i.e. testing her food to make sure it’s not poisoned or putting vitamins in her shampoo so her hair doesn’t fall out), Dennis wants her to realize that she needs Charlie in her life so that Charlie sees that Ruby Taft is just messing with him (as Dennis points out, he doesn’t care about Dee. She’s used to getting crushed and she’s bounce back before). So Dennis sends Frank into The Waitress’s apartment to screw everything up so she realizes that she needs Charlie watching over her, thus sending Charlie back to her and foiling the rich people’s master plan of humiliation  The idea was a good one, but the execution was a choppy mess. There were plenty of better ways to get this point across, but more or less The Gang needed to give Frank something to do, and the results bogged things down in the middle.

Mac also didn’t have much to do, but he snuck into Dee’s storyline pretty seamlessly by doing a lot of really dumb but really fun stuff like Karate and getting oiled up with Trevor for some wrestling, continuing with the season-long joke about Mac possibly being gay. Kind of like Dennis popping his shirt off or Charlie not knowing how to read or Dee gagging at the mere sight of an attractive man, Mac busting out his ridiculous martial arts moves will always work in one way or another.

In the end, Trevor was pulling a Dangerous Liaisons after all (no shock there), and he was exposed for the shirtless, oiled-up video with Mac, thus ruining his dad’s company (nobody cares), but Ruby wasn’t in on it on the con. For whatever reason, she was really into Charlie, who’s set up now with this very attractive rich girl who likes him and now he can finally put The Waitress behind him, right? Of course not. Turns out, it was Charlie who was pulling Ruby’s leg the whole time, trying to make the Waitress jealous.  She’s the only woman he will ever love, even if her idea of affection is reducing Charlie’s restraining order from 100 feet to 50 feet.

Was the outcome a little too predictable? Probably. But Charlie has always been the show’s strongest character, and anytime we get to have a Charlie-centric episode, it’s a good day for Sunny fans.

Other Thoughts

– The very Sunny scene of the week: Charlie scaring off random pedestrians by barking like a dog.

– Dee (wielding a tiny baseball bat): “If you don’t have car insurance then you better have dental, because I’m gonna smash your teeth into dust!”

– Charlie’s upper-crusty backstory was that his family was shippers of goods and builders of tall buildings.

– “Can the girl not smell Charlie? Can the guy not see Dee?”

– A Dennis double-whammy as he got to pop his shirt off and be incredibly self conscious about his pasty white body after Ruby zinged him.

– Dee’s man hands can crack those king crab legs no problem

– If you’re in Dennis’s room, you are always being filmed.

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