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SKYFALL Score by Thomas Newman – Review

Here is our Skyfall score review. Skyfall arrives in theaters today, and I can’t wait to see the 23rd James Bond movie. Bond movies continually have gorgeous women,  high tech gear, and exotic cars, but they also have some fantastic music. Adele may have done the title track for the film, but Thomas Newman (Wall-E, American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption) did a wonderful score for the film.

Newman has worked with director Sam Mendes on all of his films, except for one. Sony Classical released the score on October 29, and I had the chance to listen to it before watching the movie. From the opening track to the closing track the music keeps the tension of the film going. I do not recommend listening while you are driving because I found myself going upwards of 80 mph on my way to work today.

The Skyfall score has a feeling of urgency thanks to Newman. Songs like Jellyfish and Grandborough Road. There are also slower more beautiful songs like Severine and Komodo Dragon. There is also a mix of ominous tones throughout a number of the tracks that I can see as being the perfect backdrop for Javier Bardem. What I like about this score is that it feels as though there is a blend of old and the new, with nice electronic sounds used on some tracks and classical symphony’s used on others. Don’t worry though, Breadcrumb offers fans a renewed rendition of the classic Bond theme song. Thomas Newman has crafted the perfect score to blend the James Bond of old with the Bond of the next generation!

Skyfall Score Track Listing

1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

2. Voluntary Retirement

3. New Digs

4. Severine

5. Brave New World

6. Shanghai Drive

7. Jellyfish

8. Silhouette

9. Modigliani

10. Day Wasted

11. Quartermaster

12. Someone Usually Dies

13. Komodo Dragon

14. The Bloody Shot

15. Enjoying Death

16. The Chimera

17. Close Shave

18. Health & Safety

19. Granborough Road

20. Tennyson

21. Enquiry

22. Breadcrumbs

23. Skyfall

24. Kill Them First

25. Welcome to Scotland

26. She’s Mine

27. The Moors

28. Deep Water

29. Mother

30. Adrenaline

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