Which Studios Own The Biggest Movie Franchises? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is pretty awesome, check out this infographic courtesy of Empire, that showcases what studios own what franchises. This is really cool to see, since we don’t really realize how many franchises these studios own until it’s all laid out for you like this. This inforgraphic really shows how much Paramount has done, they got plenty of great franchises! My favorite is definitely between Disney and WB. They’ve got the comic book movie adaptations that I love! Some notable left out franchises are Harry Potter and The Matrix, which in the article, they say since those franchises are pretty much done they didn’t include them. I was wondering why they weren’t here, makes sense! Also new films like Jack Reacher have been added!

 Click here to view it larger.

What film franchises are your favorites? Which studios are your favorites? I’ve got so many! Actually, 97% of these franchises are my favorites! Do you think they should of included the Potter films and Matrix films? Making it a list of every franchise rather than whatever is current?  Share your favorites in the comment section below!



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