Album of the Month: The Bandcamp Months

Thanks to Bandcamp, here is what I have been listening to this month. In the closing months of 2012, when Christmas loomed closely and the respite of a holiday was very much needed, I was introduced to the vast expanse of music and talent that was just waiting to be discovered on a little site called Bandcamp. And so like Columbus heading out in search of the New World, I began searching through the exorbitant number of artists. What I found was much greater than any Mayan gold though- great music. Below are three artists that have stuck in my mind since their discovery for being particularly good. Some have albums others just singles but they are all worthy of your time.

[box_dark]Bos Angeles[/box_dark]


While it may not be the time of year for a colossal 21-track surf-pop/noise rock album, perhaps it’s exactly what’s needed to lift the gloomy post-Christmas blues. Rich with fuzz, feedback and gravelly but surprisingly lyrical  vocals Bos Angeles sound is obviously comparable to the likes of Wavves.  This album is ideal for being turned up and immersing yourself in the thunderous drums and animated rhythm guitar. The only major criticism is that Taking out the Trash‘s impressive length does not work in its favour and songs can all blur into one long celebration of heavy distortion.

For fans of Wavves 

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[box_dark]Boys in Stilettos[/box_dark]



Perhaps my favourite band thus far on Bandcamp, Boys in Stilettos are a French all girl band. While their work does not match the sheer volume of bands like Bos Angeles their four singles are all indie toe-tapping tunes. From the haunting vocals and grungy bass riff  of Reckless Youth to the synth heavy beats of Surf Bus Ride, the singles are varied, exciting and simply charming.  We can only hope for more from this very promising band.

For fans of Warpaint


[box_dark]We Are Trees[/box_dark]


The infectious low-fi instrumentation and sheer skill of We Are Trees‘ vocalist is what earns them a place on this list. The primtive sounding percussion and lyrical guitar riffs (combined with a great deal of “oohs” “aahs”) makes listening to We Are Trees’ two albums, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, a purely enjoyable experience.  A pleasant mix of folk and bedroom pop, this is great music for, well, anything.

For fans of DIIV


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