JURASSIC PARK IV, SUPERMAN, Y THE LAST MAN and more in this weeks News Invasion

There has been a bunch of great entertainment news this week. From Jurassic Park IV to Y The Last Man there are plenty of great movies on the horizon.

ylastman11Dan Trachtenberg has been hired to direct the adaptation of the Y The Last Man comic book series.


Here is an extended trailer for Gangster Squad, which opens in theaters this weekend:

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Jurassic Park IV has gotten an official release date!

christopher-nolan-interstellarChristopher Nolan is currently in talks to direct a time travel movie called Interstellar.


Here are two new images from Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine, respectively.thewolverine


Warner Bros. has had a huge victory in their legal battle over the rights to DC Comics’ character, Superman

Finally, here a cool new promo for season three of Game of Thrones.

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