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SPACE ENGINE: Jet-Set Around The Cosmos

SPACE ENGINE is about as close as we’re going to get to the opening credits of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. The stellar cosmic simulation could have you flying to NML Signi, black holes, our own solar system and elsewhere from the comfort of your Cheeto-smelling command center. Vladimir Romanyuk, aka “SpaceEngineer”, has crafted an expansive space simulator that accurately depicts the night starscape in painstaking detail. Nearly every known star, planet, galaxy, nebula, and asteroid is lovingly depicted, with the unknown bits procedurally generated. The Russians beat us again!

You can zip around in a spacecraft, or quicksearch for nearby stars or objects and jump to them instantly. It’s not so much a game in the strictest sense as a love letter to exploration. I’ve tooled around with my mighty starship, S.S. VodkaTonic whilst grooving out to Pink Floyd’s ANIMALS for about an hour now. You can literally get lost for hours in this game’s trippy immersion.

Two words: Oculus Rift. Make it happen, Internet.

Here’s a look at some glorious space shots and a game trailer at the end (all in-game):

That's no moon! Wait, that actually IS a moon.
That’s no moon! Wait, that actually IS a moon.
I dub thee “That Blue Planet”.
I also dub thee " That Blue Planet".
I also dub thee ” That Blue Planet”. Knife fight it out.
We need a dust buster. A big one.
As dusty as a cow tookus on a prairie noon.
I let JJ Abrams take a screenshot. My bad.
I let J.J. Abrams take a screenshot. My bad.


Here’s the simulator in action:

(Source: Space Engine)

SPACE ENGINE is a free download available at their homepage.


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