NES Cartridge Rings Bring the Bling

Do you love Nintendo? If so, then these NES Cartridge rings are for you. These NES cartridge rings were made by Etsy artist Jess Firsoff. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and more classic Nintendo game cartridges can be ordered. Each NES Cartridge is hand-made and would make the perfect mothers day gift for any geeky mom.

Here is a description of the rings:

All pieces are finished with a protective glaze. Size of piece is relative to penny; however, sizes may vary slightly as each piece is unique and made to order. Ring is adjustable and fits most sizes!

PLEASE let me know at check out what game (grey or gold cartridge) you would like. You are not restricted to the games shown – you can pick any game! You can send me a link to the image if that is easier for you. If you do not specify then I will send you Mario Bros./Duck Hunt like in the picture.

Which of the NES Cartridge Rings is your favorite?






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Jim Napier

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