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Film Club – Episode 23: FULL METAL JACKET

After a slight delay Film Club returns and throws you grunts deep beyond enemy lines as we crawl across Stanley Kubrick‘s political war/anti-war classic, Full Metal Jacket. An unflinching look at the dehumanisation of marines during the vietnam war, Kubrick’s 87 view of conflict raises more than its fair share of eyebrows and makes one lasting impact.

Full Metal Jacket



Decided by the gods of fate…and the little plastic box we keep your film picks in, our next choice is Michael “love him or hate him” Haneke’s original 97 version of Funny Games. A film that Mal has deemed one of the worst he’s ever seen! But will a return visit change his mind?! Probably not, still its what we’ve got on our slate for episode 24 and whatever the outcome its bound to be a memorable episode. So check out the trailer below, watch the film then head on over to our Facebook Forums to discuss just how Funny these games really are!

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