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Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced

Irrational Games’ Creative Director, Ken Levine, announced two new chapters for Bioshock Infinite, “Burial at Sea.” In this story-driven arc, Booker and Elizabeth mysteriously meet, seemingly for the first time, within the utopian confines of Rapture, pre-fall. “I just had this vision of Elizabeth dressed in that period looking like Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth,” Levine said. “I just said, ‘I want to see that image. I want to see Elizabeth in Rapture.'”

Burial at Sea DLC

As far as gameplay mechanics, things will be more or less the same as Infinite, as long as you’re Booker, that is. Eventually you get to play as Elizabeth.

“When you play Elizabeth, it’s even more towards a survival horror game. I just played the first prototype of her the other day. We’re almost in beta on part one of the Rapture one. We’re at sort of early stages of the second part, where you play Elizabeth, but I’ve played a prototype of what it’s like to play her. It feels very different. We’re mostly working on the systems side to make things feel different.”

In other words, you have to be crafty if you want Elizabeth to stay alive. Where you can just pick up a gun or Vigor with Booker, you almost always have to resort to setting traps or stealth your way past enemies.

We’re excited to see what Irrational has in store for us this time around. This writer, however, still has to get around to playing the darn game. (What? I’m working on Heavy Rain and the first Bioshock, okay?)

In addition to the announcement of “Burial at Sea,” Irrational also has “Clash in the Clouds,” a combat-focused set of challenges set in Columbia, which is available today across all available systems for $5. Once it’s released, non-season pass holders will be able to purchase “Burial” for $14.99.

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