SDCC ’13: TEEN WOLF Press Hour – 10 Things We Learned

The highly-anticipated return of Teen Wolf at 2013 Comic-Con International for the fourth consecutive year is finally here and cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver, Charlie Carver and Executive Producer Jeff Davis are taking Comic-Con by storm again. While they had a panel yesterday, I’ll be talking with them today at the press conference for more insight in to Season 3, the Alpha Pack, and more. “Teen Wolf” airs Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.
The cast, plus Jeff Davis, will be signing Teen Wolf posters at the FOX Booth (#4229) on Friday from 11:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Fans can catch up on seasons one and two of “Teen Wolf” by purchasing the DVD box sets, currently available for purchase in stores and via the FOX Booth at Comic-Con.

Teen Wolf is a vastly underrated show that I’m glad gets the love it deserves at Comic-Con this year. This year, their panel was upgraded to Ballroom 20 and the premiered a new teaser trailer for the remaining episodes of this season to screaming fangirls and guys. Today, I was lucky enough to sit with the majority of the cast and Executive Producer Jeff Davis to talk about the show, their characters, and where they hope to go from here.

While a lot was discussed, I didn’t want to wait until after the con to share some of the highlights! Check out the 10 most interesting tidbits about Teen Wolf Season 3 below.

10 Things We Learned at the Teen Wolf Press Hour:

1. The Alpha Twins will survive.
Jeff Davis let slip that he’s glad to be working with them again next season. While they’ve developed a fan base in the short time they’ve been on the show, it’s interesting to know that they will for sure be coming back regardless of how the Alpha Pack battle shakes out. They’ve developed ties to this tie, whether they meant to or not, thanks to their love interests so it’ll be interesting to see who they end up siding with in the end.

2. An upcoming villain could be inspired by a Trickster Spirit.
Jeff also revealed that he’s been doing a lot of research on a trickster spirit and just had a ptich meeting with the MTV higher ups about the direction of the upcoming seasons. That was just one of the many things he’s been researching though, so we’ll see if it actually makes it on to our screens this winter.

3. Isaac’s scarf has become an accidental hit.
For some reason or another, Isaac’s scarf is now a running joke with the cast and superfans on social media. That ended up in a scene completely on accident – Daniel Sharman was cold while filming a scene and grabbed his scarf without thinking anything of it. But now, then after the episode airred it became a highlighted fashion choice in the blogs.

4. Max and Charlie Carver are big supernatural/sci-fi fans.
For them to make the jump from being little boys on a farm playing at superheroes to now being on Teen Wolf is a dream come true for them. They may have gotten a big break on Desperate Housewives, but this is the role they’ve been waiting for.

5. While Peter hasn’t been very active yet this season, he’s looming and Derek needs him.
Tyler Hoechlin believes Derek lets Peter stay because after things went so horribly wrong for him as an alpha, it’s kind of comforting to have him around. I thought it was interesting that his first response was that Peter is “looming” – a very ominous word choice. So while Derek thinks he needs Peter, it may not be the best idea to have him so near.

6. Dylan O’Brien wrote a scene in a previous episode and hopes to write more.
While many young actors would be happy just to be on a hit series, it seems Dylan O’Brien has loftier ambitions. He’s contributed a scene previous and would love to continue to do so, if it works out with his and the writer’s room schedule. It’s just hard to coordinate when the writer’s room has their own rhythm and they’re so fast, so it’s hard to just butt in and ask to help out.

7. SPOILER: Stiles and Lydia kiss before this season is done.
At the panel yesterday they showed a teaser trailer that had a brief snippet of a Lydia & Stiles kiss. Fans know that Stiles has been waiting for this moment for basically his whole life, but the context of it is still a mystery. Is it a farewell/we might die tonight type of kiss? Is it the beginnings of a romantic relationship? Dylan described it as a “nice moment between good friends” that could lead to something more. Holland Roden mentioned that Jeff Davis had certain expectations for how it would be filmed when he wrote it but she and Dylan played it differently. When Jeff saw it though, he thought it turned out better than he imagined. It’ll be interesting to see if the way they played it will influence the direction of the relationship, since it sounds like he had a certain path in mind and this might have shook that up.

8. Scott would likely stay in Beacon Hills after graduation.
With any show set in high school, there’s always the question of how they’ll handle everything post-graduation. Most kids move away and go to college, but that doesn’t really work for TV. Tyler Posey thinks that Scott will stay in town to protect it. He’s invested so much of himself into saving this town already, and has seen the dangers out there that no normal human could fight. This feels very similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that regard – Scott can’t just leave his town unprotected.

9. Holland Roden’s and Tyler Hoechlin’s relationship goes back years before the show started.
Holland went off on this tangent about how Tyler is like a brother to her and she’s no way romantically interested in him. Their best friends were dating each other and set them up on a blind date a few years before the show started. She said, “we must have the same pheromones because we repel each other.” She was grossed out while watching Derek make out on the show and had a funny moment of realization that’s probably way worse for him considering how much kissing she does on the show. She also revealed that she used to refer to him as Christian Abs because of how in to his faith he is and, obviously, his body. It was a funny little story that revealed they see each other as siblings which may put any Lydia/Derek shippers’ hopes to rest.

10. Don’t miss the rest of this season.
This should be obvious for the fans, but the snippets they teased both at the panel and the press hour really reveal that this show is growing, getting better, and willing to experiment. Episode 8 will bring in flashbacks to show some of Derek’s history as well as his family’s. Episode 9 will finally show what Lydia really is. The last 2 episodes “will change these characters’ lives” and the “coolest things will happen”, according to Tyler Posey. It sounds like a fantastic end to the season and I for one can’t wait!

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